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Bollywood popular actor and tv star Kushal Punjabi has died

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Entire Bollywood and TV world is currently in grief as popular Bollywood and tv actor Kushal Punjabi has died watch updates on

Kushal Punjabi popular actor who has worked with popular TV stars and many Bollywood films is no more.

He died at the age of 37, Kushal Punjabi was a popular actor. And a suicide note was also found with his body, which stated that no one else was responsible for my death.

Kushal Punjabi was also in depression for a long time and for this he also consulted doctors.

He has worked with many Bollywood actors and has also worked on TV. As soon as the news of the death of Kushal Punjabi came, everyone is shocked and many celebrities are expressing their grief on social media.

In 2015, Kushal Punjabi married Audrey Dolhan and in 2016 they had a son. His son’s name is Kian.

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Looking at his suicide note and medical condition, it is believed that Kushal Punjabi was under stress for quite some time.

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