Akshay Kumar diet list top things Akshay Kumar follow to remain healthy

Top 10 Indian celebrities Akshay Kumar
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All know best that Akshay kumar is the popular actor of Indian film industry and also very much fitness conscious.

But let’s go to find out that the diet plan and morning daily routine and what is the diet he following so that he have so much energy. If you want to find out let’s go.

With his school he learned karate and martial arts as well. Akshay kumar does not prefer to eat packed foods.

It is find out that Akshay Kumar wake up at 4:30am and do his regular work.

The work he regularly do is Swimming,Yoga,martial arts practices and meditation. Even after doing that he do other works of his family. He takes dinner at 7-7:30 and go to sleep at between 9-10.

Life with discipline,doing exercises daily and good diet routine is the mantra of good life. He says that the food which is cooked at home is the best.

He complete his dinner before 7P.M. because there is scientific reason for that, food will take before the 2-3 hours of sleep.

Food will take 2-3 hours to digest in the body and if you not do that you don’t fall sleep and you don’t feel comfortable.  The diet he follows to  remain healthy is given below. 

Morning Routine:-

Akshay Kumar eat Parantha( may be ghobi,aloo etc.) and glass of milk with some fruits,snacks and nuts  in the morning. 

akshay kumar Breakfast
akshay kumar Breakfast

At Lunch:-

In the lunch he prefer brown rice with some dal (may be of any type) and also with some chicken and also having Salad. 

akshay kumar lunch
akshay kumar lunch
akshay kumar lunch
akshay kumar lunch

At dinner:-

Akshay kumar is taking dinner at 7-8 P.M. ,according to him taking dinner before the sunset and in the dinner he take  soup salad and veggies. 

He think that dinner must be as light as possibe

dinner list of Akshay

In somedays if he feel hungry after 7 p.m. then he eat white omelete with some veggies like muli or carrot. 

dinner list of Akshay

Akshay kumar diet plan is very much simple and everyone can follow it to remain healthy. That is why he is healthy at this age. 


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