Akshay Kumar shares short film tries to increase awareness about Coronavirus

Akshay Kumar share video

Image courtesy AkshayKumar/Instagram

Bollywood celebrities are constantly raising their hand in spreading awareness about Coronavirus in the country. Today Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar shared a video from his social media handle. In this video which Akshay Kumar share he is playing the character of a rural man.

And when this video starts that rural man (Akshay Kumar) is going to work. So another elder man in that area tells him to stay inside. But that rural man (Akshay Kumar) tells that it is ok to go to work if he does proper precaution. Like washing hands on a regular interval, make proper distance with other people and most important wearing masks. At the end of this video, the elder man who stops Akshay Kumar convinces and also goes to work. 

Akshay Kumar wrote, “#SwachhBharatSwasthBharat As #IndiaFightsCorona, a short film from me to you about getting back to work but only when ur city/state officials advise you to do so. And don’t forget to do it safely! Chalo India badalkar apna vyavahaar karein Corona par vaar.”


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