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Ananya Panday and Karan Johar join Bhumi Pednekar campaign #OneWishForTheEarth

Ananya Panday share video

Ananya Panday and Karan Johar have also joined this campaign #OneWishForTheEarth, started by Bollywood star actress Bhumi Pednekar. Karan Johar shares the video from his social media handle. And said, “Water is the driving force of all nature – Leonardo Da Vinci

My #OneWishForTheEarth this World Environment Day is for us to conserve water and preserve water resources

This is something I have been practicing for a while now and have been teaching Yash and Roohi to do too. Water is one of the most critical things in life, and we must be careful with how we use it. It’s time to shut your taps and open your minds!”

Also, Ananya Pandey shared the video with her social media handle. And Ananya Panday said that if I have #OneWishForTheEarth it would be ‘To Save Endangered Species’. 

While sharing this video Ananya Panday wrote, “those who teach us about humanity aren’t always humans this World Environment Day let’s all learn to be more compassionate, kind, caring and co exist #ClimateWarrior #OneWishForTheEarth @bhumipednekar big love to you for this wonderful campaign! It’s the need of the hour.”

Bhumi Pednekar reacting to this and said, “Ap you’re the cutest and the best thank you for your support.”



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