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Bigg Boss 13: Asim said Siddharth a dishonest friend for Arti but why

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Today Bigg Boss 13 Asim said Siddharth a dishonest friend for Arti but why do you want to know this is the right place watch updates here
Bigg Boss 13 Asim and sid fight start againand Shehnaz also coming in front
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Image courtesy ColorsTV/Instagram

In Bigg Boss 13 today, Asim told Siddharth that he is a dishonest friend. 

As now Bigg Boss is proceeding towards its final stage and therefore everyone would like that he will be in the top 5. 

That’s why Bigg Boss gave the family members one chance to win the task so he can enter the top 5. 

Bigg Boss 13 Asim and sid fight start again
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Image courtesy ColorsTV/Instagram

Because Siddharth, Rashmi, and Asim already have become at the top 5.

This week, they had used their rights as a member of the elite club. And now they ‘safe’ from nomination this week. Bigg Boss 13 Why Shahnaz move called her best move in the show

Now there are four people left, including Shehnaz, Paras, Mahira and Aarti.

Hence, Bigg Boss has now given the members of these elite clubs a chance to save the rest of the house.

Bigg Boss 13 Asim and sid fight start again infront of house members
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Image courtesy ColorsTV/Instagram

And they have to compete among themselves. For saving some of the favorite ones, everyone thinks.

But Asim felt that Siddharth would save Aarti as he was her old friend. Siddharth said that I want to save Paras. Bigg Boss 13 Media ask Shehnaaz are you with Sid for the game only

Because they also saved me, I want to repay him and I will not get a chance after this.

So when the competition happened, Siddhartha saved Paras.

Later the fight between Asim and Siddharth started and Asim started telling him you are not a good friend, you are a bad friend.

Paras got a little emotional on seeing Siddharth doing this.

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