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Bigg Boss 13: Will Devolina break Arhaan and Rashmi relations

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In Bigg Boss 13 Will Devolina's questioning causes a crack in Arhaan and Rashmi's relationship as Arhaan hide one thing about his child to Rashmi

Bigg Boss 13 Colors is an upcoming show on TV. It is a very controversial and popular show hosted by Salman Khan. In this season of Bigg Boss, there is a lot of bouncing and uncertainity, sometimes people are fighting, sometimes people become friends.

But yesterday, for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan came inside the house and cleaned the dirt. The rest of the housemates were embarrassed to see Salman Khan working. And he was talking about not doing work to Salman Khan, but after doing all the work, Salman Khan told everyone else.

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That if you do not work with all people, then tell me. So that those people feel ashamed of themselves so that the house in which they live should be cleaned. Then Shahnaz told everything to Salman Khan that I had given the duty to everyone, but everyone was reluctant to work. But now, because of you, they might feel embarrassment so maybe they start doing work.

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Another twist will be seen in the house today. Because Devoleena who was out of the house due to her medical condition will come into the house today. And as soon as Devoleena came to the house, she first taking Rashmi’s class.

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Because a few days ago one thing came out that Arhaan hides one thing from Rashmi that he has a son. Devoleena scolded Rashmi a lot about this and on the other hand, she had doing fun with Siddharth. Which may cause Shahnaz to become angry later. Because Shahnaz in the house do not let Siddhartha talk to anyone. Even before Siddharth had spoken to Aarti, Shahnaz became angry.

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Because Siddharth Shahnaz both are good friend, it has been seen in the last few episodes in Bigg Boss house. Therefore, commenting to us, tell us that whatever Devoleena did in the house, is it right or wrong?

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