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Bigg Boss 13 news: Will Salman expel Shahnaz from Bigg Boss house


In today’s Bigg Boss 13 news we have brought for you Salman reaction over Shahnaz jealousy. Bigg Boss 13  is a popular show on Colors TV hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan himself. 

Shehnaaz and Siddharth Shukla have a good friendship over the last few episodes. But Shehnaz gets very angry when Siddharth talks to Mahira or Aarti.

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So today, at the weekend, Salman Khan competes between Mahira and Shehnaz. In which the housemates have to decide whether Shahnaz feels jealous or not. 

But all the people voted that Shahnaz really feels jealous when Siddhartha talks to someone else.

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Seeing all this, Shahnaz starts crying and Salman Khan tells her that you don’t cry in front of me. 

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Then Shahnaz says that I want to go out of this house, Salman order to open the door of the house. 

After that, Salman tells Siddharth that you too should stay safe because Shahnaz is in love with you.

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