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Bigg Boss 13: Paras told Rajat Sharma that whatever Shehnaz said is senseless

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During Rajat Sharma's questioning to Paras about Shehnazin Bigg Boss 13 Paras told Rajat Sharma that whatever Shehnaz said is senseless
Bigg Boss 13 Rajat questioning to Paras
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Image courtesy ColorsTV/Instagram

Today in Bigg Boss 13 Rajat Sharma will do questioning to the bigg boss house members.

And Rajat Sharma asked Paras Chhabra that you have commented on all people in Bigg Boss house for their relationship.

You always call the relationship of others bad and keep commenting on it, but you do not see yourself and Mahira hugging.

In response to Rajat Sharma’s sharp questions, Paras tells Rajat Sharma that I speak what I see.

I saw something wrong in the relationship between Asim and Shefali, so I spoke.

So in response to this Rajat says that you are tolerant of your relationship but you have a problem with the relationship of others.

Bigg Boss 13 Paras answer
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Image courtesy ColorsTV/Instagram

As you said and that shows your thinking that Shahnaz comes close to you.

But you showed her your tattoo, did you forget to show your tattoo to Mahira? 

Then in response to this, Paras said that if the comparison of Mahira and Shehnaaz is done, then my mental level matches with Mahira.

But my mental level does not match with Shahnaz, if it is a matter of understanding, then everything that Shahnaz said is senseless. 

And I think there is more sense in Mahira than Shehnaaz.

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