Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan showed anger against Arhaan


Bigg Boss 13 had been a very popular and controversial show of ColorsTV. 

But this time, there are too many battles in this season. In the last weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan explains to everyone but everyone was taking lightly. 

But this weekend, Salman Khan seems very angry, which you can see in today’s episode.

You can see in the preview how angry Salman Khan is. The reason for this week’s assault in which a lot of people had suffered a lot of injuries in Bigg Boss 13 house.

Salman Khan asks Arhaan that you are very fond of talking outside things, at home.

Salman Khan asked Arhaan in front of Rashmi that who is in your family, then Arhan told everything. But he did not reveal anything about his wife.

Salman asks what he told you. So Rashmi says marriage, then Salman further says that child. Rashmi becomes very surprised of hearing such things.

Arhan had just returned from home a few days ago with a wild card entry. And he was also going to propose Rashmi for marriage. This was revealed when Arhaan brought the ring for Rashmi.


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