Bigg Boss 13: Why Shahnaz move called her best move in the show

Bigg Boss 13 news Paras and Mahira game

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As Bigg Boss 13 is moving towards its final phase, the twist and turn in it are also increasing. 

Bigg Boss had arranged a press conference for the contestants, in which the media people asked him some questions. 

But now this show has become more interesting when Bigg Boss nominated all the family members.

Bigg Boss 13 news Rashmi's decision

Image courtesy ColorsTV/Instagram

You already know that Siddharth and Asim already have immunity, they are members of the elite Club

Rashmi also became a member of the elite club on the basis of votes of media persons yesterday. 

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The task that is given by Bigg Boss ahead will decide in which top five will go ahead.

Bigg Boss 13 news Paras Revenge

Image courtesy ColorsTV/Instagram

Some 2 will go out of this task and some 2 will survive. So Shahnaz, Aarti, Paras, and Mahira have to play in the task. 

But this time, Shahnaz did his best move so far that he at the final of the show. 

Because in this task, householders are locked in a box. But no one can get it out there hand and members of the elite club will be an incharge of this task.

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That is why Shahnaz deliberately tells Rashmi that she has taken out her hand and that is why you get Mahira out of the task. 

And Rashmi does the same, so Shahnaz’s move in this task has shown the best move of this show which has come in the final stage of this show.


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