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Bigg Boss 13: Why Siddharth gets tears in eyes in Bigg boss house

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In Bigg Boss 13 Why Siddharth gets tears in eyes in Bigg boss house for the first time as Rohit Shetty come in the bigg boss house

Bigg Boss 13 has got a new twist, this time Salman Khan will not be in the weekend ka war. But Rohit Shetty will come to Bigg Boss house instead of Salman Khan. 

And for the first time, Siddharth Shukla has tears in his eyes after listening to Rohit Shetty in Bigg Boss 13.

As soon as Shahanaj becomes the captain in Bigg Boss’s house, after that, she is distributing work to everyone. But many people are reluctant to work, so when they gave Asim a housework.

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So Asim flatly refused and then a tremendous fight started between Asim and Siddharth. Even earlier, there has been a tremendous fight between Asim and Siddharth.

Seeing their fight, this time Rohit Shetty came to Bigg Boss house and started talking to Siddharth and Asim in private.

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He also said that the fighting between you people happens because your friendship was very deep.

Rohit explained to both of them that if it is to work in this industry, then Bigg Boss platform is the best platform.

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Now doing a comment tell us what you think by seeing the battle of Siddharth and Asim, which of them is right. And Rohit Shetty explains Asim and Siddharth, about there mistakes.

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