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Bigg Boss 13 what happen when task is to ignore people

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In bigg boss 13 2 december episode you will find what happened when bigg boss given the task to ignore people that coming from outside

Bigg Boss 13 is a known show of India, Salman Khan hosts this show and just yesterday, it was reported that its thirteenth season has become the most popular season of Bigg Boss till date.

Today at home you will get to see whether the family members will be able to control their emotions. 

Because some members who were taken out of the house to meet them will come into the house. So today’s episode will also be very good.

Today, there will also be a battle of Vishal and Mahira in the house, so you can comment and tell us who is right among these two.

Tell us that when Arhaan starts talking to Rashmi at home, will Rashmi talk to her? Because it is said in the task that you will ignore the outside members.

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