Laal Kaptaan Trailer Launch:Saif Ali Khan is in Dangerous Look

Saif Ali Khan photo

Image courtesy Instagram

At this age when people taking retirement from working. 

Saif Ali Khan at the age of 49 he is a versatile actor who does lots of experiment in his movie for the characters.
In his latest movie Laal Kaptaan when the poster of this movie releases everyone in the movie thinks that this movie is just like Jack Sparrow. 

All the audience after the release of the movie think that this is the same as that of Jack’s sparrow.

But after the trailer of the movie releases the audience is shocked to see this look of Saif Ali khan.

This movie is directed by Navdeep and produced by Eros International and Color Yellow Productions.

After the success of Sacred Games, Saif Ali Khan is in the golden time of his career. In this movie, Saif acts as a merciless assassin and the movie is released on 18 October. 

Saif also told about the movie that LaalKaptaan is a man with a heart of animal.
When talking about the physical transformation of the body for Laal Kaptaan. He said that I have to make a hole in my ears. 

He also added that for this movie he has to grow his hair so much longer that make him uncomfortable. Saif told during the shooting in Rajsthan he had taken 30-120 minutes for doing make up for the scene in the movie.


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