Ranu Mandal Reaction for Lata Mangeshkar


Ranu Mandal which is becoming an internet sensation in one night sing the song of Lata Mangeshkar. Before Ranu Mandal song become viral she had sung the song at the railway station.
After that hearing all that stuff by Bollywood legend Lata Mangeshkar . Lata Mangeshkar reacted to Ranu Mandal that
“If someone gets benefited by singing my song then i feel blessed
But also think that singing someone’s song is not a good friend of success. because I saw lots of children sing my song so beautifully but how many of them being remembered by someone.
After some point you have to sing your song. The biggest example of this is Asha Bhosle that how far a person can go with his talent.”

Listening all that stuff from Lata Mangeshkar Ranu Mandal respond that ” I have loved her voice since my childhood and will remain her junior”


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