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Salman khan brother in law Aayush share Ayat photos on social media

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Salman khan brother in law Aayush share photos of Ayat and As Salman birthday and Ayat day of born is same Bigg boss members do a dance for Salman khan

Salman Khan is a Bollywood superstar, his films are very superhit. He has a long-time working in Bollywood and his birthday was on 27 December.

On his birthday, his sister gave him a wonderful gift. And on that day his sister gave birth to a girl named Aayat.

Salman Khan is very happy with this gift given by his sister. And they have also shared on their social media.

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It could not have been a better gift on my birthday and he told this to the people living in the Big Boss. Due to which everyone was very happy and presented a dance in front of Salman Khan on his birthday.

On the other hand, Salman Khan’s sister’s husband has shared some photos on his social media account. In which he has shared a photo of himself and Ayat.

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He wrote that

Welcome to this beautiful world Ayat. You’ve brought a lot of happiness into our lives. May you touch everyone’s life with a lot of love and joy.

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