Who is better between Salman khan Shahrukh khan and Akshay Kumar


Salman Khan is a Bollywood superstar and Shah Rukh Khan is also called the King of Bollywood. And Akshay Kumar is called the player of Bollywood. 

Today we will tell you a few selected things about these three. Which itself can give us an idea of which one is doing better.

Salman khan dabangg 3
Top 10 Indian celebrities Akshay Kumar
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First of all we will talk about their earnings from 2012-2019 years.

Now we will tell you how much Akshay Kumar Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan have earned from last 2012 to 2019. And all the ups and downs in their earnings-related doubts have cleared.

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Salman khan net worth earning from 2012-2019

In the photo you are seeing here, you have given the data of all the earnings of Salman Khan from 2012 to 2019.

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Akshay kumar earning from 2012-2019(in crores)
Shahrukh Khan earning

Now we will talk about which of these three, which films are included in the 100 crore club.

Salman khan net worth top movies on 100 crore club
Akshay kumar top movies in 100 croreclub
Shahrukh khan top movies in 100 crore club

Disclaimer :-

This BoxOffice collection or total earning of the movies data are compiling from different sources and various other researches that we performed for this data. 

These figures may be around/approximate and Filmybubble.com does not make any claims about the authentication of this data. However, these are Indication that how well the movies perform in terms of collection.


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