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Salman khan share his glamorous look from the sets of Bigg Boss 13

Salman khan look in Bigg Boss 13

Image courtesy Salman khan/Instagram

Today on the occasion of Bigg Boss 13 grand finale Salman khan shares his look on social media. 

As Salman shares, this looks people like it very much. For your kind information that as in bigg boss there are 6 finalists and people have to vote to choose the winner and they trend their contestants on Twitter.

Salman khan also does the dance performance today in the bigg boss. Many people are supporting Sid and many support Asim. 

Siddharth and Aseem had friendship discussions earlier in this house. But after a few days, discussions of these two battles started. 

Many celebrities are supporting Siddharth and Aasind is also supporting celebrities in which Johncena’s name comes first.
Harbhajan Singh has also come there in this grand finale. 

And a lot of people are setting their eyeing social media and television for supporting their favorite contestants. 

Who will be the winner of this season this time because this show has crossed all limits of popularity.



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