Shahrukh Khan Net worth Cars Houses and business Investment in 2020

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Today we have brought for you information about Shahrukh khan net worth in 2020. His houses, cars, business investments and many more.

As we all know that Bollywood superstars get a lot of money for each film. 

So every person wants to know how much is their total net worth or how much property do they have? 

How many cars do they have or how many houses do they have. Everyone wants to know about them. Do you want to know? 

If yes, 

Then Let’s Go.

Shahrukh Khan is a popular Bollywood star that he has given many hit movies in the Bollywood. 

And his movie Happy New Year, Chennai Express and Raees all are a blockbuster hit at the box office.

With popularity as an actor, Shahrukh Khan is also the biggest producer of the Indian film industry. 

Now let’s start discussing in detail about Shahrukh Khan net worth in 2020.

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Shahrukh Khan Net worth:-

Shahrukh Khan net worth in 2020

Shahrukh Khan is a well-known Bollywood superstar, many of his films have been superhit. He charges between 50 and 60 crores for each of his films. 

And If you want to know about Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movies. But most of time now he has been making films under the banner of his production house. Due to this, Shahrukh Khan gets a lot of profit.

Now coming back to the main point i.e  How much is Shahrukh Khan net worth? Where are their houses, how many houses, how many cars they have, what is their business?
If these questions are arising in your mind as well, then go ahead, each of your questions will be answered. 

Shahrukh khan net worth in 2020 is 760 million dollars and in Indian rupees, Shahrukh khan net worth is around 5300 crore.

Shahrukh Khan has been named in the Forbes list from 2012 to 2019 in the celebrity 100 list of India.

Shahrukh Khan earning from 2012-2019(crores)

According to the Forbes celebrity 100 list, Shah Rukh Khan’s earnings were 56 crores in 2018. But it has increased to 124 crores in 2019

And now these earnings will increase even more. Because now Shahrukh Khan’s many movies will come in 2020 and 2021. These movies will give a boost up in Shahrukh Khan net worth.

Shahrukh Khan net worth is approximately closer to 760 million dollars in 2020.  Which if converted into Indian rupees, Shahrukh Khan has a net worth of around Rs 5300 crores.

We know that it must have come in your mind. Shah Rukh Khan also makes films like the rest of the superstars. Then how is his property so much?  

Shahrukh Khan

And apart from this, we have brought Shahrukh Khan’s top 10 films which are included in the 100 Crore Club. That’s why Shahrukh Khan net worth is growing at a great speed. 

Apart from this, many films are being made under the banner of Shah Rukh Khan’s company. And now Shah Rukh Khan’s company has produced another film, titled ‘Kaamyaab‘.

Shahrukh khan top movies in 100 crore club

Shahrukh khan Cars:-

Let’s talk about what expensive cars Shahrukh Khan has. Shahrukh Khan is very fond of expensive cars, he has the most expensive cars in the world. Not taking too long, let you start discussing which car Shahrukh Khan have.

1. BMW 7 series 

bmw 7 series

Image courtesy BMW

2.  BMW 6 series 

bmw 6 series

Image courtesy BMW

3.  BMW 8 series 

bmw 8 series

Image courtesy BMW

4.  Bentley


Image courtesy Bentley

5. Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Motor

Image courtesy Rolls Royce

6. Bugatti Veyron


Image courtesy Bugatti

You have seen here so let’s make a comparison. And you tell us who has better cars in Shahrukh and Salman.

Shahrukh Khan houses:-

1. Mannat

Let’s talk about Shahrukh Khan’s house. His first house, which is located in Mumbai, where Shah Rukh Khan lives. This house is like a palace, the name of the house is Mannat. But the original name of the house is Villa Vienna.
This house s originally belonging to a Gujarati man Nariman Dubash. 

SRK bought this house around 13 crore rupees but now the value of the house crossing 200 crore.
Shahrukh khan bought this house, not for comfort, but he wanted an exclusive room for prayer that is why he bought this home.

Mannat Photo
mannat photo
Mannat photo Gauri Khan

2. Shahrukh khan property in dubai

Shah Rukh Khan has a house in Dubai, its price is lower than the Mumbai house Mannat. Ths villa is situated in the Palm Jumeirah. SRK called this signature villa.
This villa is located on the manmade island. There are many hotels resorts and lots of celebrities come here to spend quality time on that island.

3. London house

SRK also has a house in London in the park lane area in London. 

For buying the house in that area you should be a billionaire because that area is so expensive.

This house cost is less than Mumbai house cost but more than  160 crore.

Shahrukh khan Business investment:-

1. KKR team:-

Shahrukh Khan has many business investments and his biggest business investment is in IPL. 

SRK also has a team in CPL and the name of the team Trivago Knight Riders.

Because he bought the KKR team in the IPL along with Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta. 

Its value is above $ 100 million and is the second-largest franchise in the IPL.
Complete sponsor list of KKR teams
Nokia, JIo sponsor all the ipl teams so there logo will appear,
Exide, Royal Stag, Astral pipes, Asian paints, Fever 104, The Telegraph, sprite, Dream 11 etc

And soon Shahrukh Khan will buy the football team too.

kkr photo

Image courtesy KKR/Instagram

2. Red Chillies Entertainment And Red Chillies VFX:-

Shahrukh Khan has his own production house named Red Chillies Entertainment. SRK has his own production house named Red Chilli Entertainment. 

After which this production house became India’s largest and most successful production house.

Very few people in India know that Shahrukh Khan is the owner of India’s biggest visual effect studio. 

He has made a lot of animated movies with the help of this studio, of which is one and people liked it a lot. 

Shahrukh Khan had benefited greatly from this investment and SRK’s wealth had increased many times.

3. Joining KidZania:-

Shahrukh Khan joined Kidzania Multinational Company, Shahrukh Khan had 26% shares in the Indian edition of the company.

Kidzania is an indoor family entertainment center operating in a wide variety of locations worldwide.

4. Ads and earning of Shahrukh khan:-

SRK has worked in many ads. He has done a lot of popular brands and his earnings are much higher than the rest of the star. Shahrukh Khan takes 3-4 crores for each of his ads.

  • Bonus:-

So this is all about Shahrukh Khan net worth. Now we are bringing Shahrukh Khan’s famous song’s from his famous movie.

FAQ of Salman Khan Net Worth:-

Q.1  Who is the richest actor in the world?

Ans. Shahrukh Khan is the richest actor in Bollywood with an estimated net worth of 5300 crores in 2020.

Q.2  Is SRK a billionaire?

Ans. Yes
definitely Shahrukh khan is a billionaire. Shahrukh khan net worth is 5300 crores, so definitely he is a billionaire.

Q.3  Who is richer Salman or Shahrukh?

Ans. Shahrukh Khan is richer then Salman Khan. Now you will in the confusion that how SRK is richer. 

Then here look at the business investment of SRK and you will definitely find out about this.

Disclaimer :-

This BoxOffice collection or total earning of the movies data are compiling from different sources and various other researches that we performed for this data. 

These figures may be around/approximate and does not make any claims about the authentication of this data. However, these are Indication that how well the movies perform in terms of collection.


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