Sonam Kapoor shares her childhood memories in the ‘favorite superhero’ costume

Sonam Kapoor childhood photo

Image courtesy Sonam Kapoor/Instagram

Bollywood actor actresses are currently in their house due to lockdown. That’s why they are remembering the old moments of their life. Just a few days ago, Anil Kapoor told about his love story on social media. Today his elder daughter Sonam Kapoor shared a photo of herself and her sister Rhea Kapoor with her social media handle. In which Sonam Kapoor is wearing Batman’s costume.

Sonam Kapoor has two more siblings who are younger than her. Their name is Rhea Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor. Sharing this photo, Sonam Kapoor shared her childhood memories. She wrote, “DIY Batman costume for a party that wasn’t fancy dress because he was my favourite super hero. Also jumping and dancing with my @rheakapoor is still my favourite thing to do. (Yes those are batman socks and yes I was a nerd)” in the caption from her social media handle.

In this photo with Sonam Kapoor, her sister Rhea Kapoor is also there. As soon as Sonam Kapoor shared this photo from social media. So her father Anil Kapoor also commented on this. He wrote, “I was there I remember .. Harshs birthday …and on time.”


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