Sunday, August 9, 2020
Salman Khan share Jacqueline Fernandez photo
Today Salman Khan shares a video from his social media handle. And this movie is made by Jacqueline Fernandez and this video definitely cheers you.
Jacqueline Fernandez share Salman Khan photo
Today Jacqueline Fernandez shares the photo of Salman Khan that Salman mentioned earlier. She told Salman Khan's fan that 'lot more to come'
Salman Khan congratulate Jacqueline
Today as Jacqueline Fernandez's new film is going to be released. So Salman Khan congratulates her through social media handle.
Salman Khan share Hundred web series poster
Today Salman Khan shares the poster of the web series 'Hundred' that is coming on Hotstar from his official social media handle.
Salman Khan song Pyaar Karona
Today Salman Khan's new song 'Pyaar Karona' is out and conveyed a beautiful message and if you want to know about this. Watch all related updates here.