Saturday, August 15, 2020
kahaan hum kahaan tum to know after Raima is fainted at Sippy Mansion then why Rohit come to Sonakshi's house written episode
ye rishtey hain pyaar ke want to know what is the confession did Mehul do infront of Abir to know all this Read this written episode and you know allt his
what did the Priyanka do to Rishi and why police come in Sarita's house to know all this read kumkum bhagya written episode 3 October 2019
want to know how Priyanka trapped Rishi to marry her and why Rohit waiting for Prachi to know all this watch this kumkum bhagya written episode
In kumkum bhagya Written Episode update What will Sarita say to Priyanka when she comes to know that Priyanka is in love with Rishi?.