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kumkum bhagya 1 February 2020 written update: Ranvir drink

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Today's kumkum bhagya 1 February 2020 written update Ranvir questioning Prachi and also he drink very much watch updates on

In kumkum bhagya written update  Ranveer tells Prachi why did you do this and then tells her that I never molest a girl. So Prachi says that you listen to me but Ranbir goes from there without saying anything. 

Prachi starts following her and tells him that I have to talk to you. But Ranbir tells him that I have stumbled and I will fix it myself. And then leaving from there, Prachi says to herself, what have I done?

Pallavi comes to Pragya’s house and tells her that you know what Prachi has done. So I have to talk to Prachi about why she did this? So Pragya tells Pallavi that we also feel that whatever Prachi has said is right.

Pallavi tells Pragya that I used to think that if Prachi would not listen to me. So at least you will listen to me, but now I am completely hopeless. And let me tell you one thing that my son is not a fraud and saying that Pallavi leaves from there.

Prachi tries to stop Ranveer but Ranbir leaves college in his car. Then Riya comes there and she scolds Prachi a lot. And says that along with Ranveer, you have hurt my family a lot.

Especially my father who considers you as his daughter. That’s why you stay away from our family from today and saying that Riya goes away from there.

kumkum bhagya 29 January 2020 written update

Sarita and Pragya are talking about Pallavi. So Sarita tells Pragya that you do not tell Prachi anything about it that Pallavi came here. Pragya asks why?

Sarita says in response that otherwise, we do not know how Prachi will react? maybe she is angry that Pallavi is blaming us. So Pragya says that okay I will not tell Prachi anything. And then she picks up her bag and goes somewhere outside.

Seeing in college, Prachi tells Aryan. That you tell Ranbir that he met me in the college room, I want to tell him something. But Aryan tells her why did you do this? And scolds her too much and goes away saying this.

 kumkum bhagya 30 January 2020 written update

While Ranbir is drinking beer on the way, Aryan throws the beer can from his hand. Then after that Ranbir starts talking about Prachi again, Aryan tells him that you should be quiet now.

And to stand still, I just bring the car But as soon as Aryan goes to fetch the car, Ranbir starts coming in between the cars. So Pragya saves him, then he tells Pragya that I have not done anything wrong and is saying this again and again.

So after a while, Aryan also comes there. He tells Pragya that he does not care what the family thinks about it? It only thinks about Prachi how to make her believe that I am the right person. After that Aryan takes Ranvir towards home. Then Pragya thinks in her mind that Ranveer is telling the truth, its truth is visible in his eyes.

Riya tells everyone at home that Ranbir’s condition is due to Prachi. So Abhishek tells everyone not to talk about Prachi. She has her own thinking, we cannot change her, till then Aryan reaches home with Ranbir.

 kumkum bhagya 31 January 2020 written update

Seeing this condition of Ranveer, Abhishek comes to him and asks why you have drunk. So in response to this, Ranveer says that I have done this because of Prachi.

Abhi says that you stop saying that you have done something. We know you have not done anything, but if you have done this in the future, I will not talk to you. And then Abhishek angrily tells him to go in front of my eyes.

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