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kumkum bhagya 1 January 2020 written update: Ranveer is in confusion


In kumkum bhagya written update Alia is explaining to Riya that if you go to Ranveer and say anything. Then he may get angry with you and may even say that I have a life, whatever I want and it is right. Aaliya then tells Riya that you do exactly the opposite, you don’t tell him anything and do everything well with him. 

So he start to feel guilty itself that I left Riya for Prachi. Because we don’t have to attack Ranveer and we have to attack his heart and remove Prachi from his heart. Alia convinces Riya that you disrespect Prachi so much that Ranveer herself starts feeling that I left Riya for this girl. And when you do this, what if Ranveer, no boy will fall in love with Prachi.

Sarita tells Prachi in Sarita’s house that if you imagine yourself with Ranbir, then your answer will change to yes. Prachi does not believe and she tells Sarita that Ranbir is a good boy but he is not good for my life partner. Till then Pragya also comes there. Then Pragya and Sarita together ask what kind of boy you want for your life partner. 

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So Prachi says that I tell you but don’t laugh, and she starts laughing on her own. Sarita says that she is telling us not to laugh and is laughing at herself. Prachi then explains the specification of the boy she wants. So after listening to her, Sarita says that how much boring boy does you like, I just got sleepy.

When all people come for breakfast, Ranveer gives Riya his chair as soon as he comes and sits in the side chair. Then he is thinking in his mind that I had convinced Riya that I love him. I should talk to Riya before Prachi, while Pallavi says why did Ranveer change the chair? Riya does not like the things you like, so Riya says that now I have started liking these things too. 

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Listening to Riya’s answer, Ranbir thinks in his mind why now she has started liking the things that I have liked too. When everyone is talking, then Vikram tells Ranveer that you go to the office with me today. Because it has been a long time the father and son have not killed each other, so Ranveer tells Vikram that I have not seen the father like you. I know why you are taking me so that I can drive and do all your work too. Hearing both of them, Abhishek takes Ranveer’s side and says that I will not let Ranbir go with you.

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At the same time, Purav and Abhishek come to their room after having breakfast. Abhishek goes to the room and asks the Purav, did you notice anything at the breakfast table? That Ranbir was taking great care of Riya and I feel very good if someone like me takes care of Riya. After that Abhishek says that we will not tell the children first that we know about their feeling. When he wants to come and tell us, then we will be acting of getting shocked. But till then we will not tell them, Purav also accepted the thing Abhi told.

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While Ranveer and Aryan are talking to each other in the room, Aryan asks him again and again whether you have proposed Prachi or not. So they both decide that we will bounce the coin. Then if the head comes then I have proposed it and if the tail comes, I do not propose it. But when he bounces for the first time, the head comes and both of them are very happy. 

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This means that Ranveer has proposed, but then he tells Aryan that it has come to know that I have proposed. But it is not known whether she has said yes or no. So Aryan says that we do the Best of Three if you win then it means yes. But in the third time the coin gets stuck in the table. So Aryan says that your love life has also become like this, neither here nor there. After that Ranbir tells Aryan that I go to college and talk to her. And by her way of talking I will know whether she has said yes or no.

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Riya is thinking on the way that Alia told her. So she says in her mind that God gives me some idea, how can I insult Prachi? Then Sanju’s friend comes in front of her, then she tells him where is Sanju, I have to meet him now. So he tells her the way but Riya tells him that you come with me and then both of them go to Sanju. Ranveer and Aryan come to Prachi’s house so that he can find out whether Prachi has said yes or no when Ranveer proposes to Prachi.

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