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kumkum bhagya 13 december 2019 written update


In kumkum bhagya written update Prachi runs away from the goons base. But goes outside and sees Ranveer’s car there. Then she tells herself that I should go inside once and check whether Ranveer has come here to save me. Inside, the goons catch Ranveer.
When Abhishek reaches Sarita’s house, Sahana tells Abhishek everything about what has happened. And I have locked Sarita in the room because she was talking about going to the police station. My aunt said that her health is bad so do not let them go out. 

Abhishek then tells Sahana that you go and call them here, I talk to them. But as soon as Sahana enters the room, she realizes that Sarita has run away from the window. So she tells Abhishek everything. Then Abhi says Sahana that he would definitely go to the police station.
As soon as the goons start tying Ranvir where Prachi was tied, they find that Prachi has run away.
The goons then tie Ranvir there and start looking for Prachi. Then Prachi comes back there and sees Ranveer tied there and then she goes to him.

kumkum bhagya written update Prachi and ranveer
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Abhishek Pragya Sahana and Sarita find out in the police station that someone was running after Prachi. Pragya and Sarita leave first and Abhishek later talks to the policemen and tells them to go to the same side.

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Riya comes to the Sanju and starts looking for him. Then Sanju’s friend tells Riya everything he knows. So Riya tells him that you don’t tell this thing to Sanju. Otherwise, the police will come here again and leave from there.Mahindra’s goons come and tell him that Prachi has run away. He tells his goons that you go soon and start looking for Prachi, and they all start looking for Prachi.
Prachi comes to Ranveer where he was tied up and tells him that this is the right time, now you apologize to me. Then both of them start fighting among themselves. Ranveer and Prachi start running in the car, goons start to follow them. Sanju calls Mahendra then Mahendra tells everything that Ranveer has taken Prachi away. And we are following him. 

kumkum bhagya 10 december 2019 written update

Prachi sees in the mirror that the goons are following them, so she tells Ranbir to drive fast. So Ranveer says that you are saying to drive fast, then Ranvir starts driving fast.Mahindra tells his goons that you go back to Godown. Because this path turns around and we will catch them there. Ranveer and Prachi turn around and get into the same Godown and the goons catch them there.

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