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kumkum bhagya 16 december 2019 written update


In kumkum bhagya written update goon sees the phone in Prachi’s feet and he picks up the phone and tells him whom you called. So Prachi says nothing, but then the goon slaps Prachi, which makes Ranvir very angry. 

Ranvir then breaks the rope of his chair and starts killing that goon, then he also fights with other goons. After escaping from there, both of them get trapped in a room and Prachi starts crying. She says I have to go home, Ranbir tries to convince her that we will leave here soon. 

Till then the goons reach outside that door. He threatens Ranbir that if you open the door otherwise we will break the door. At that time Sanju is also with them, then after that Sanju breaks the door. After that, there is a fight between Sanju and Ranbir. 

And after that, all the goons are caught and beaten by Ranveer, which makes Ranvir unconscious.
Pragya calls the police on the other side, she tells the whole thing. So the police also leave for the same place where Ranbir and Prachi were tied up. As soon as Sanju starts getting married to Prachi. So Hari goes there to save them but they also catch Riya.

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When Vikram and Pallavi are worrying about Ranveer, then they call Abhishek. Then after that Abhishek tells Vikram the whole thing, then Vikram says that I too am reaching the same place. And then they all leave for the place where Ranbir and Prachi were tied up. Riya then starts fighting Ranbir and says why have you come here. 

After that, she starts scolding him and she tells Sanju that I want to talk to you on the side. So Sanju goes to the side and starts talking to Riya. Prachi tells Ranveer how did this goon accept Riya’s words like this? So Ranbir says that it is good otherwise my ears would burst because of Riya. 

Abhishek and Sahana are coming in the vehicle when Abhishek becomes an accident. And the vehicle with which they have an accident, they start fighting Abhishek and Sahana. Because of you, we have had an accident and this is a police case.

Sanju tells Riya that I will marry Prachi, after that you take Ranveer, leave from here. Riya says that if you cannot marry Prachi, Sanju tells Riya that you will stop me.

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