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kumkum bhagya 16 January 2020 written update: Maya is in Mehra house


In kumkum bhagya written update Abhishek is talking to the Purav. Abhishek tells the Purav that it sometimes behaves very strangely. So he says to the Purav that you do not expel me from my job. Abhishek says that no, I will never remove her from the job. 

Purav says you would have removed it if Aaliyah does not stop you. Then Abhishek says that once Riya gets married. Then I think about my love story. The Purav says that you are right because hiding is just a crime, not love.

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Riya listens to Alia’s plan and says that if Prachi too supports the truth, what will happen then? So Aaliyah says that this will not happen, these middle-class girls have great respect for themselves. So she will not do it. Riya says that this will spoil Ranbir’s honor even in front of my father. Then what will happen, Aaliya says that later we will get it fixed. But you will get your first love today, then Riya embraces Aliyah.

kumkum bhagya 11 January 2020 written update

Ranbir and Aryan are talking among themselves. So Ranbir tells Aryan that whenever I come in front of Prachi, I get nervous. Now you tell me what do I do? So Aryan says what should I tell you? Which girlfriends do I have or I fall in love with? You ask someone who is experienced in all these things. That is why Ranbir says that I only talk to my father, then Aryan says that it is fine. I call them and bring them, then Aryan goes inside to call Vikram.

kumkum bhagya 13 January 2020 written update


Abhishek and Pragya come across each other at the party. So Abhishek tells Pragya that you shifted house without telling me. If you intentionally want to make the distance from me. Pragya denies that I shifted to that house because of work. Now I am back, so they start fighting again. The Purav sees them both fighting. So he goes and announces that Abhishek Prem Mehra will sing a song for us. Then Abhishek goes and starts singing.

 kumkum bhagya 14 January 2020 written update

Abhishek and Pragya now start dancing with each other. So Aaliyah gets very angry seeing them, then Pragya gets hurt. Abhishek carries her to the room. And the Abhi tells to Purav send someone to the room with the first aid box.

kumkum bhagya 15 January 2020 written update

Vikram comes to talk to Ranbir. So he asks Ranbir what happened. Then Ranbir asks Vikram in the name of his friend what should he do? Vikram repeatedly asks the boy’s name but Ranbir does not tell. Then Vikram asks again and again. Ranveer understands that if I say anything, everyone will know. And if Prachi comes to know. So she will say no without saying anything. So he goes from there. Vikram tells himself in private after he leaves. I know that Ranbir has fallen in love with a girl. And very soon you will come and tell me everything.

kumkum bhagya 18 January 2020 written update


Maya comes to Aaliya’s room, then Aaliya explains the whole plan to her. After that Maya tells Aaliya that I need a drug so that we can do all this work. So Aaliyah says, you will get everything but you have to do this work today. Maya agrees and says this work will be done today.



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