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kumkum bhagya 17 January 2020 written update: Abhigya moment


In kumkum bhagya written update Abhishek comes to the room with Pragya and tells her to sit here. Till then, his servant comes to the room carrying the first aid box. He asks Pragya, Madam, should I call the doctor? So Pragya refuses, but Abhishek says to call. Then Pragya thinks in her mind that till today he does not listen to me, so will he listen to me today? 

So Abhishek answers and says where are you right. Whatever I agree with you. Pragya then says that I am fine and she tries to get up and leave. But then she falls back, Abhishek laughs after seeing her and says that do not say now that this land is bad. Are you dizzy Then Abhishek starts applying ointments on her leg. Pragya and Abhishek start talking among themselves.

Prachi and Sahana when they see the preparation. So Prachi says that it is good but there is no Hoshiarpur thing in it. Sahana says that if we remove Hoshiarpur from our minds for a while, it is not so bad. At the same time, Ranbir and Aryan are talking among themselves. So Ranbir tells Aryan that I am now absolutely sure that I will marry Prachi. After that Ranbir starts looking at Prachi and keeps watching.

kumkum bhagya 11 January 2020 written update

Ranveer and Aryan are talking among themselves. Then Prachi comes to a Tusshar, seeing him, Ranbir and Aryan also come there. Tusshar apologizes to Prachi and says that I should not have called you wrong. Ranbir again feels very insecure about this. He repeatedly tells Tusshar that you don’t have to go, your girlfriend must have come. Then Prachi tells her how are you talking? 

You should not talk like that, Riya tells Maya that Ranbir is in that group. Then Maya goes to Ranveer and asks if we have met before. Ranbir says that yes I have seen you somewhere before, but Maya refuses. And then Ranveer follows Maya.

kumkum bhagya 13 January 2020 written update

Abhishek and Pragya start talking among themselves, then Abhishek gets a call. And at the same time, Aaliyah also comes in his room. Then Abhishek goes to the side to talk on the phone. But then Alia starts fighting with Pragya, then Pragya tells Alia that if I want, I can come back to his life. 

But I have my own will and my own reasons, because of which I am not coming. So Aaliyah says that you will have your own reason, but you know why brother is not bringing you here? Because your daughter hates you when she says it again and again. So Pragya says that you shut up and Pragya goes away saying this.

 kumkum bhagya 14 January 2020 written update

Ranbir is talking to Maya, then Prachi gets very angry about seeing Ranveer talking. So Aryan goes to the side and messages Ranbir that Prachi is jealous. Ranbir says this is such a thing, so he makes Prachi feel more jealous. He then puts his hand on Maya’s shoulder to make Prachi jealous, which causes Prachi to become irritated. 

kumkum bhagya 15 January 2020 written update

Ranveer puts his hand on Maya’s shoulder. Then Vikram comes there, then Vikram takes Ranbir to the side and says that if you want to marry a girl, then you should impress her mother, not the girl. So Ranveer gets very happy after listening to Vikram, then Vikram says that you told a lie to me, you were talking on your own.

kumkum bhagya 16 January 2020 written update

Now I just have to find out who that girl is? Saying this, Vikram leaves from there. Ranbir then comes back to Maya and says that my father says anything. So Maya says that your father was right. If you want to impress a girl for marriage, then impress her mother first. Maya then tells Ranbir that I will help you so that you will win the girl’s heart.

When Abhishek comes back to the room, Pragya does not meet anyone else, so he starts talking to Aaliyah. Aaliya tells Abhishek that I told her everything that your daughter does not want to meet you, she hates you. Hearing this, Abhishek gets angry and he starts fighting with Aaliya, then Riya also comes there. 

kumkum bhagya 18 January 2020 written update

So Riya tells Abhishek that you cannot talk to Aaliya like this. Abhishek says that I want to introduce you to your mother. So Riya tells Abhishek that I do not want to meet her and then she leaves. Alia then tells Abhishek that how will you introduce a daughter who does not want to hear their mother’s name?

kumkum bhagya 20 January 2020 written update

kumkum bhagya 21 January 2020 written update



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