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kumkum bhagya 2 December 2019 written update: Aliyah’s dangerous plan

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In today's kumkum bhagya written episode update you will find that why Disha is in hospital watch written update of kumkum bhagya on

In kumkum bhagya written episode update Prachi and Sahana come to the tea shop and ask chaiwala to make two teas. Prachi then tells Sahana that even Staxi had to be spoiled now, it seems like today is a bad day. Today, if I did not save Ranbir, today he would be beaten by a principal. Then she tells Sahana that this Ranbir is a number one Baklu, he only know how to talk.

Another woman sitting at the shop there asks Prachi whether her name is Baklu or Ranveer. Prachi says that her name is Baklu, then Prachi shows her Ranvir’s photo. So the woman tells that tea-maker that it seems the girl has a breakup. That’s why she is saying all this, Prachi starts fighting with that woman. So Sahana takes her from there. Sahana tells Prachi that why did you start fighting with that woman, what was her fault?

kumkum bhagya written update Abhi and Pragya
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Prachi tells Sahana that you saw what she was saying? Prachi tells Sahana that I am getting angry because of that Ranbir. So Sahana says why did you save him? He did not tell you to go and save him. So Prachi says that I save him because if the people of his house knew about his act. So they feel very bad and how bad Abhishek feels that his friend’s son is a thief. Thinking all this, I helped, then Prachi then calls the taxi and they sit in the cab and go towards home.

kumkum bhagya 25 November 2019 written update

kumkum bhagya 26 November 2019 written update

In the party, Pragya is thinking about Aaliya that she felt a little bad seeing the dance of Purav and Disha. Pragya then thinks in her mind that there is neither Aaliya nor Disha, where she has both gone. Disha only comes crying and hugs Pragya, she tells Pragya that I don’t want to stay here, I have to go home. So if you go home with me, Pragya says that it is okay, let’s go, and they both start going from the party. As soon as they start going from there, Pragya’s hand collides with Abhishek’s hand.

And they both start seeing each other. After that Pragya goes out of the party with Disha and a call comes in Disha’s phone in outside. So she tells Pragya that you are sitting in the car, I come and attend this call. As soon as Disha is talking on the phone, her eyes look at the window, from where the Purav is watching her. Aaliya sees them looking at each other, and she gets very angry. Disha then diverts its eyes from there. Abhi tells Purab that I am going, so the Purav says why you are leaving so soon.

kumkum bhagya 27 November 2019 written update

kumkum bhagya 28 November 2019 written update

Abhishek says I have to go to the meeting, so here I leave for Mumbai. Because I do not want to be late in the meeting. Then Abhishek leaves from there. Alia then talks to herself that whatever I have to do to keep the Purav with me, I will do everything. Aaliya then sits in her car and hit Disha with the car, Pragya sees that accident happening. But she is unable to do anything, nor is she able to see the face of who did that accident.

On the other hand, Vikram comes to know that Ranveer has come home after drinking alcohol and Pallavi tries to convince him. Pallavi tells Vikram that Arya told me that Ranveer drank liquor as water. Vikram tells Pallavi that you believe Aryan’s words, both of them are friends, they can do anything for each other. Vikram then comes to Ranveer’s room and angrily asks him if you have drunk, Ranveer says yes.

Then Vikram comes to Ranveer’s room and angrily asks him if you have drunk, Ranveer says yes. Vikram then catches Ranvir to beat him but runs away. Then Ranveer explains to Vikram that I had drunk alcohol by mistake. So Vikram says that you tell me the truth, he tells her that you swear on your father. Ranveer tells everything truthfully but Vikram and Pallavi do not believe him. So Vikram tells him that we will talk to you in the morning, now you sleep. Vikram leaves Ranveer’s room after saying all this.

kumkum bhagya 29 November 2019 written update

Ranveer tells Pallavi that no matter how many girls come in my life. But the biggest priority of my life will be you, then Pallavi and Ranveer hug, and Pallavi leaves Ranvir’s room. Ranveer tells Aryan that Papa had sworn to me, so I told him the truth. But my impression is on the family that no one believes in me. You know, I told the truth, yet people did not believe it. So Aryan asks that thing is fine, but what will we do in the morning. So Ranveer explains to him his plan that we will go to the office before Papa wakes up. And there I will ignore him and come home after they sleep. And after a day or two, everybody will forget this.

Prachi and Sahana also have a taxi where Aaliya had an accident of Disha. So she gets off the cab and takes a photo of Alia’s car. So that later he can give that number to the police, Purav comes to the place where the accident of Disha took place. Then Pragya and Purav take Disha to the hospital and Pragya tells Prachi and Sahana to go home. Prachi later gives the number to the police that this person has done

kumkum bhagya 30 November 2019 written update

the accident of my aunt, you catch them quickly. As soon as Aaliya reaches home, she sits in one place. Seeing him in such condition, Riya comes to her and says what happened? So Aaliya tells her that an accident has happened to my hands and now the police will catch me. Riya tries to calm Aaliyah. Pragya is in the hospital with Purav and is under a lot of tension. Purav tells the doctor that you will treat the Disha with some care. Meaning when you apply stitches to the Disha, then the Disha does not hurt much. So the doctor asks Purav who you are, then the Purav tells the doctor that I am Disha’s husband. Pragya is listening to all this.

kumkum bhagya 20 December 2019 written update

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