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Ananya Pandey shares her latest photo on social media

In this we share the latest photo of Ananya pandey and why she called 6 december legendary day To know all this watch on

17+ Kriti Sanon hot and sexy images and these photos are completely exclusive

In this you find the latest stunning and beautiful photos of kriti sanon and also if you find other latest updates of Bollywood you can try filmybubble.

Bhumi Pednekar latest beautiful exciting and glamorous photos

In this we bring the latest photos of Bhumi Pednekar and in these photos bhumi look glamorous Comment below and told us that what photo do u like most

Bhumika Gurung beautiful stunning photos that you never see

Bhumika Gurung beautiful stunning photos that you never see we have brought these photos for you watch other updates on

17+ Yami Gautam hot and sexy images and these photos are breathtaking

Today we have brought for you Yami Gautam hot and sexy images and these 17+ photos of Yami Gautam are completely breathtaking.

kumkum bhagya 2 January 2020 written update: Ria and Sanju’s plan

In kumkum bhagya written update Ranveer and Aryan start going inside Pragya’s house. So Ranbir tells Aryan that I will not and he goes inside the car, Aryan comes back in the car behind Ranveer from there. Aryan arrives in the car and tells Ranveer that what has happened to you if you fall in love, so now why you are afraid and ask them? 

So Ranveer says that you know this is happening to me for the first time, you think I am scared of talking to the girl. Aryan tells him that you remember your old days, that you are with a girl every day. With which Ranveer gets a little motivation and he walks towards her house to talk to Prachi.

kumkum bhagya written update Pragya
Image courtesy kumkumbhagyazee5/Instagram

When Ranveer and Aryan arrive inside the house like this, Pragya and Sarita are very happy to see them both. She then tells them both to sit on the couch and sit there as soon as they happen. So all those people keep looking at each other. With this, Ranveer tells Aryan that why I am seeing all these people like this, I am feeling very nervous. Pragya then brings coffee to Ranveer and Aryan. 

kumkum bhagya 4 January 2020 written update

When both of them do not know anything by looking at Prachi. So Ranveer tells Aryan that you take Sahana to the side and ask if I have proposed Prachi. Aryan then takes Sahana to the side, making some excuse to talk to Sahana. Pragya finds all this strange but then later she has a little doubt that maybe Ranveer has to talk to Prachi. So she too goes to the side making excuses and Sarita also goes behind Pragya to her room. But then Prachi also leaves from there and Ranbir tells himself why everyone is ignoring me.

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Riya arrives with Sanju’s friend where Sanju is. Sanju looks at Riya and says that I will not go to Hoshiarpur. Riya says that I have come to send you to Hoshiarpur. Sanju then tells his friend that I saw very stubborn girls but did not see stubborn heroines like this. Then Riya tells everything to Sanju that I have come here to send Prachi with you to Hoshiarpur.

 Riya tells Sanju that what you said is true that Ranbir loves Prachi. After listening to Riya, Sanju says that it is good that you have accepted my point. Riya then tells Sanju that we were at gunpoint on the day of Bank Robbery, but Ranveer saved Prachi instead of saving me. Riya tells Sanju that you want Prachi and me Ranbir. So we have to distance them both from each other. So Sanju says how we will do that.

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When Aryan starts talking to Sahana at Ranvir’s direction, Sahana tells him that if you want to say something, then say it soon. Hearing her, Aryan says that you were so clever from the beginning, Sahana says that I am from Hoshiarpur. Then cleverly Aryan asks Sahana, what do you think is going on between Ranveer and Prachi?

 Sahana says what is going on, we know what has happened between them. So Aryan says that you know something is going on among them. Sahana answers yes that I know, then Aryan further asks if Prachi told you. She further says that what Prachi will say, everyone knows in the house, we all have seen. Aryan on hearing Sahana goes happily running back towards Ranveer.

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Aryan tells Ranveer the whole thing, then Ranveer says that it is not found out whether she has said yes or no, so I go and talk directly to Prachi. So Sarita listens to them, she says go you can talk to Prachi.

Riya tells Sanju that you should insult Prachi so much that Ranveer himself should not accept her. Not only Ranvir, but no boy should accept her, then Prachi will be yours only. Sanju laughs after listening to her. Then Sanju says how will all this happen? So Riya says that we will show all people another form of Prachi. By which people will make them characterless themselves. 

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Ranveer goes to her room to talk to Prachi. He then asks Prachi that what we said yesterday. Whatever your answer was in that, give me the answer once again. Prachi is thinking that he has spoken on the phone for the file. That he is asking for that, Prachi answers yes and Ranbir becomes very happy.

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