kumkum bhagya 21 January 2020 written update: Maya accuse Ranvir


In kumkum bhagya written update Maya feeds Ranveer an intoxicating drink which causes Ranvir to sleep. Then Ranveer tells Maya that you are getting some sleep because I am sleepy after drinking juice. That’s why Ranveer starts falling, so Maya catches him. But Ranbir runs away from her, then Ranbir goes and sits on the couch. Maya tells hi that I feel very good by doing bad to you. 

Because I am getting money for this thing, then she opens the buttons of Ranbir’s shirt. After that Maya calls Aaliya and says that work is done. So Alia and Riya come to the room where they have kept Ranbir. After looking at Maya, Riya says who will tell you after seeing you? 

That you were molested. Maya hurts herself and says that now it will feel like I am molested. Riya says that if I did not know about the plan, then perhaps I would have thought that you were molested.

kumkum bhagya 16 January 2020 written update

After that Maya tells Alia and Riya that you guys go now, I come again because the acting should look real. When Abhishek goes to Pragya, Pragya is going to sit in a taxi. So he tells Pragya that you stop, Pragya tells him not to stop now. But when the time comes, I will definitely come back, so I promise you that I will definitely come back. Pragya then leaves the cab and Abhi starts crying. Abhishek then starts thinking about Pragya standing there and then he comes back to the function.

Vikram is talking to Purav about Ranveer that he appears in every party, but today I do not know where Ranveer is. So Vikram says that maybe he will be busy with his love. But Purav says that no, he will not be busy with his love. Vikram looks at Prachi and says that yes I also think that he will not be with his love.

kumkum bhagya 17 January 2020 written update

Meera and Pallavi are talking among themselves. Then Abhishek comes to the party but tears are coming out of his eyes. Meera is going to talk to him, but then Abhishek leaves from the side. Then Vikram’s mother sees Abhishek, so she says that someone should talk to him what has happened?

By then Maya comes running from the room and tells people outside that Ranveer Kohli has tried to molest me. The manager then locks the room and calls the police. Abhi and the rest of the house are calling Ranveer to find out where he is. But only when the police come, then it goes towards the room. So he brings Ranbir from there. Then the rest of the house members tries to stop the police that Ranbir has done nothing. But the policeman says that if he did nothing then it will be proof. 

kumkum bhagya 25 January 2020 written update

Prachi is talking to Sahana about what Ranveer was deliberately trying to kiss that girl. And when that girl did not listen, Ranbir forcefully took her into the room. 

kumkum bhagya 20 January 2020 written update

So Sahana says that you feel that Ranbir has molested her. Prachi says that he was drunk, then the policemen take Ranbir to the police station. Abhishek and Vikram go to the police station behind the policemen.

On reaching the police station, Abhishek tells the police inspector why did you put Ranbir inside the jail? The police inspector says that we took the statement of the manager and from that room also Ranveer met us in a drunken state. So we have arrested it, then the media people come there and start taking photographs of Ranbir. 

kumkum bhagya 22 January 2020 written update

Abhi, Prachi stands in front of Ranbir so that the media will not be able to take his photo. And then the police inspector tells the media people that you go out, the police will keep updating you from time to time. At the same time, when the police inspector asks Maya, did you go to the room on your own free will? So Maya says that we were standing in the corridor, then Ranbir, holding my hand, forcefully took me inside the room.

kumkum bhagya 23 January 2020 written update


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