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kumkum bhagya 23 January 2020 written update: Prachi Support Ranvir


In kumkum bhagya written update, Abhi is explaining to Ranveer. That if Maya told the police inspector that he is forcing me to withdraw the case. So as you are showing a lot of anger by coming out on the bail, you will go to jail now. Ranbir gets a little scared and says that I do not want to go back to jail. 

So Abhi tells him you don’t worry we will deal with it later. Then he tells Ranbir that you come with me, I explain to you. Riya tells Maya that it is good that you stop me from opening the door. Otherwise, everybody would see me, what would I say? Then she tells Maya that you must think about what I said, I will wait for your call. And after that Riya also leaves from there.

kumkum bhagya 21 January 2020 written update

Pallavi and Pallavi’s mother-in-law is very happy to see Ranveer at home. And then they say thank you to Abhishek. Then Pallavi tells Ranveer that now I will not let you go out of the house. So Ranveer says that if I have not made a mistake, why should I stay at home? Because if I do this, then people will feel that it is my fault.

Abhishek then explains to other people that if it does not come out of the house, then people will consider it wrong. After hearing Abhishek’s talk, Ranveer hugs Abhishek and says that I thought you would misunderstand me. But Abhishek says that I know you more than you, so don’t worry. I will handle everything. Then after that Vikram tells Ranbir that you will go office only after taking bath so first take a shower.

kumkum bhagya 27 January 2020 written update

Ranbir tells Aryan the whole thing and says that I don’t know how all this happened? But I was with Maya to make Prachi feel jealous. But you know that if the girl comes out and says all this. So everyone will listen to the girl, then Aryan tells Ranveer that you go and talk to Prachi. Then Ranveer leaves for office so that he can talk to Prachi. Riya tells Aaliya about what happened in Maya’s house? 

Then Alia tells Riya that from now on I will take care that you do not go there. But you said what I said to you. So Riya says that I spoke to her but she flatly refused. So Aaliya says that she must do that work but you don’t worry. Then a call comes on Aaliya’s phone, then Aaliya says that I will have to talk on it, this is an important phone. So Riya says you talk, I go. Then as soon as Riya starts descending the stairs, then Ranbir is going towards the office. So she starts talking to him.

kumkum bhagya 20 January 2020 written update

Riya, Ranbir encourages you not to worry. Even if no one will stand with you, only then I will support you because I believe in you. Then Ranveer says that okay, now I go to the office. And then he leaves for office. Prachi starts talking to her as soon as Ranbir reaches the office. Then Ranveer says hi to an office girl there. 

kumkum bhagya 22 January 2020 written update

So she goes away without answering, then Ranbir goes towards his cabin. Prachi scolds the girl very much on the side and Prachi tells her that I did not expect this from you guys and scolds them very much.

Riya is thinking about Ranveer, then she says that if Maya will do her work. Then Definitely Ranbir will hate Prachi and he will fall in love with me. So she sends money photos to Maya and says that the risk in this work is very less and the benefit is much more. 

kumkum bhagya 24 January 2020 written update

Prachi arrives in Ranbir’s cabin, then Ranveer says thank you Prachi. After a while, the rest of the employees also come to Ranbir and apologize to Ranveer. Ranveer tells them that we are like a family, so you do not take much tension and go and concentrate on work now. Ranbir thanks Prachi after the employee leaves.

kumkum bhagya 25 January 2020 written update



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