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Ananya Pandey shares her latest photo on social media

In this we share the latest photo of Ananya pandey and why she called 6 december legendary day To know all this watch on

17+ Kriti Sanon hot and sexy images and these photos are completely exclusive

In this you find the latest stunning and beautiful photos of kriti sanon and also if you find other latest updates of Bollywood you can try filmybubble.

Bhumi Pednekar latest beautiful exciting and glamorous photos

In this we bring the latest photos of Bhumi Pednekar and in these photos bhumi look glamorous Comment below and told us that what photo do u like most

Bhumika Gurung beautiful stunning photos that you never see

Bhumika Gurung beautiful stunning photos that you never see we have brought these photos for you watch other updates on

17+ Yami Gautam hot and sexy images and these photos are breathtaking

Today we have brought for you Yami Gautam hot and sexy images and these 17+ photos of Yami Gautam are completely breathtaking.

kumkum bhagya written update 25 November: Ranvir’s next move

In the kumkum bhagya written episode update, Pragya is thinking about the evidence. She brought from the place where Priyanka went missing that day. As soon as Pragya starts looking at that evidence. Sarita comes to her room and she says that someone has come to see you. 

Pragya asks who is it then Sarita says walk and see for yourself. When Pragya goes and sees, the Disha stands there. Sarita speaks to Pragya that she asked me the address and I told her so she came here so tell me how you liked my surprise? 

Disha says that I am happier than her and then they both hug. As soon as Disha gets Pragya’s hug, she says in her ear that everything will be alright, don’t worry. Seeing this, Sarita says that if both of you are flowing, then there is no need to talk in a whisper like this. Sit there and talk comfortably. 

Disha says that the Rishi was saying that you make very good tea. She then tells Sarita that unless you will give me your hand made tea. So how can I believe that you make very good tea. Sarita then goes to the kitchen to make tea for the Disha. Then Disha says to Pragya that the Rishi has told me everything. 

Later she tells Rishi that you bring me a photo of Priyanka and she tells Pragya that I have some friends. Who can help you find Priyanka. Because my work is such that I keep reading the needs of these people. Anyway, Priyanka is not a professional so she will be caught soon.

Pragya tells Disha that nobody here knows what is relation between Abhi and me. She says that when the right time comes, I will first tell Prachi that what is Abhishek and my relationship. So Sarita comes there with tea. Rishi also comes there, Disha told him that what I told you to give me, you give it to Pragya. 

kumkum bhagya 23 November written update

She will give it to me later, Sarita asks them that earlier both of you were talking in whispers. Now you guys are talking in code word, finally what is the matter also tell me. Disha then tells Sarita that I was telling Pragya Di that you go to a business party with me. Staying here makes you sick, then everybody asks Pragya to go with the Disha. When Pragya refuses, Disha leaves from there angrily.

When Ranveer comes to the principal’s room, the principal tells Ranbir that you know why I have called you here. Ranveer apologizes to the principal but the principal starts scolding him. Only then the college peon brings question paper with some security guards, he gives special instruction to the principal guard. That you guys have to take care of this cabin and nobody comes in this cabin without me. 

kumkum bhagya 22 November written update

Then Ranveer comes to know that it is question paper, then after that, the principal asks him why you are standing here. So Ranbir says that you had made me stand here, then Ranveer tells the principal to forgive me. The principal says that you are role models of the children here and you are spoiling them. 

Ranveer apologizes to the principal and goes from there that I will not do so from now on. Riya’s friend is talking in college when Prachi starts looking at Ranveer and going towards her. So that friend says to each other that they have become friends again, or another friend say that I am feeling more than friendship. 

kumkum bhagya 21 November written update

Prachi starts coming towards Ranbir quickly and his leg slips and Ranbir catch her. And Riya’s friends are surprised to see all this. Then Prachi asked Ranbir that what did the Principal Sir tell you, then Ranbir tells him that he was scolding me? As soon as Ranbir is telling Prachi about that envelope, then Prachi gets a call. 

And she goes away to attend that call. Riya’s friend standing far away is watching all this. They talks among themselves that Prachi seems to be approaching Ranbir. She will be famous in college as Ranbir’s girlfriend. After that both of them told that we have to tell all this to Riya. Then they leaves, Aryan is listening to them, he says what kind of friend are they? I have to tell all this to Ranveer, then he goes to tell Ranveer all this.

kumkum bhagya 20 November written update

Priyanka hurts herself so that no one recognizes her. Ranbir gets to hear the voice of the principal, Who is scolding one of his professors as he tries to steal the paper. Professor tells the principal that I had stolen those question papers for my tutorial children. 

So the principal says that this means that the children in your tutorial gets good marks and the ones here stay behind. That professor says that then I give the paper to your children too. Ranbir was standing and listening to all this and he laughs after listening to the professor. 

kumkum bhagya 19 November written update

The principal suspends that professor. Ranbir is listening to the principal. Then after the professor leaves, the principal tells the security guard that you take this question paper and give it to my house. And tell my wife to keep this question paper in the vault. 

Now this question paper will come out only when the children’s paper arrives. Otherwise, if this question paper stays in college, someone will try to steal it. Ranveer thinks in my mind that I do not even know where the principal’s house is.

Priyanka goes to the good hotel and asks for a nice room there, then the receptionist tells her to for her ID. She told receptionist her false story that domestic violence has happened to me. And I have come here to get rid of them, so he tells her to take help from the police. 

So she says that my boyfriend has a good connection with the police and then he will send me back home. I come here to hide, then she asks him for his laptop. And says that I will mail it to my parents, who live in Abroad. The receptionist gives him his laptop.

kumkum bhagya 18 November written update

Ranveer tells Aryan that we have to follow the principal. Because he has shifted the question paper to his house and I do not know where the principal lives. When Prachi and Sahana come there again, Ranbir says that we are waiting for our friend, so we are staying. Then Prachi and Sahana leave in a taxi.

When Ranveer is going behind the principal’s car, Prachi sees him going in the car  and she sits back in the taxi. And tells Sahana that Ranbir lied to us. He has brought the car. But of course he is doing something wrong, then she tells the taxi person to chase the car. Those who have just left here, then both of them start chasing Ranbir’s car.

Purav and Alia are fighting among themselves, then Purav told Aliya that I feel suffocated in this relationship. And I want to end this relationship, Vikram is listening to all these things. After saying all this, he left from there and goes.    

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