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kumkum bhagya 27 January 2020 written update: Pragya is in cafe

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In today's kumkum bhagya 27 January 2020 written update Pragya is in the cafe to meet Abhi but Abhi is not there will they meet watch updates on

In kumkum bhagya written update Alia tells Sanju how dare you to tell Riya that you have saved her. What do you think if you go and speak to my brother, he will listen to you? She is sitting and it will be better for you to go to your home. 

So Sanju says that I have come here to take revenge from Prachi. I will take revenge on her for slapping me. So Aaliyah comforts him and says that we will take revenge but first go home now. In response to this, Sanju says that if I leave then Prachi will be Ranbir’s. Because Ranbir loves Prachi and I know this.

When Prachi is applying ointment to Ranveer, Ranbir says that I am hurt here, so you apply here. And then as soon as Prachi starts applying ointment to him there, Ranbir keeps looking at her.

kumkum bhagya 25 January 2020 written update

Then both of them start fighting among themselves. So Prachi pushes her so that Ranveer falls on the bed. But he pretends to be unconscious, which frightens Prachi. And then they both start fighting again when Prachi learns about Ranbir’s play.

Pragya is thinking about Abhishek, then she thought about an idea of we all go to drink coffee. By which she will also meet Abhishek, then the other people of the house also agree and all of them are ready to go there. Pragya then reaches the coffee house with the rest of the family there but does not see Abhishek there.

kumkum bhagya 29 January 2020 written update

Then Ranbir is talking to Pragya but Pragya is looking for Abhishek. Till then Pallavi also comes there and Ranbir starts talking to Pallavi. Then a call comes to the Purav and Purav goes to the conference room to attend their meeting.

Abhishek then meets Prachi and Sahana. Then Prachi also tells Abhishek that the whole family has come here and then they both start talking among themselves. At the same time, Abhishek’s eyes are looking for Pragya.

kumkum bhagya 31January 2020 written update

Prachi tells Abhishek that you too have met my mother. So Abhishek thinks in his mind that if Pragya comes, she will call me. So he goes with Prachi to meet her mother. Prachi is taking Abhishek to join the rest of the family. So when Abhishek sees another couple, he remembers that he should also give a rose flower to Pragya. So he goes out of the restaurants to bring flowers so that he can give flowers to Pragya.

Alia is talking to Sanju, then Riya comes out of the car. And scolds Sanju so much that my plan failed because of you. Then as soon as they are fighting among themselves, then Abhishek comes there with a car. But as soon as Alia sees Abhishek’s car coming, she tells Sanju. Show that you are holding a knife and then both of them sit back in the car.

kumkum bhagya 24 January 2020 written update

Abhishek starts following them, Alia then tells Sanju that I will drop you forward after seeing some safe place. When Vikram’s mother is scolding Vikram a lot, Vikram tells his mother that you too are scolding me in front of Prachi’s mother. So Prachi says don’t worry, my mother didn’t hear anything because she is thinking something else.

Purav calls Pragya and says that I am going out of some work right now. But Abhishek is there, so Pragya goes to the table as Purav told her. So Abhishek is not there then Pragya thinks in her mind that if he had to go somewhere, he would call.

kumkum bhagya 28 January 2020 written update

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