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kumkum bhagya 27 November 2019 written update: Is Ranbir plan work

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In today's kumkum bhagya written update, how Ranvir and Aryan go inside the principal house watch written update of kumkum bhagya on

In kumkum bhagya written update, the principal of Ranveer is doing some college work. But his wife tells him that you have done a lot of work, now you go to sleep. She tells him that you go to sleep, I will do your work here, then he tells her to keep this locker safe. There is question paper in it, so his wife says that there are security people, he will take care of it.

The principal says that I was feeling a little uncomfortable because of them, so I sent them. Then the principal goes to sleep and his wife starts working in his place. Ranbir and Aryan are outside the house waiting for the principal to sleep. Then as soon as the light goes off, Ranveer and Aryan walk towards the house. Then the security guard stands there and asks them who do you want to meet. Aryan and Ranveer start diverting the attention of the security guard so that he can go inside.

kumkum bhagya abhi and Pragya written update
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Ranveer 2000 note falls down and says that this note will be yours and forcefully puts it in the security guard’s pocket. But Aryan does not understand his trick and he starts fighting with Ranbir that this note is mine. Then later Ranveer convinces Aryan and gives the note to the Security Guard. He then finds the security guard entangled in his talks and signals to Aryan.

So that he goes inside the house and Aryan does the same. After this, Ranveer tells the security guard that there is too much money here. And that security guard comes there and starts looking for money and Ranbir also goes inside the house.

kumkum bhagya 21 November 2019 written update

Aaliya is thinking about Purav how she talked to him then she tells herself why are you doing this, Purav. How much did you take care of me when I was hospitalized, but now I don’t know what has happened to you. Then in a while, Purav also comes there and Alia tells him that I have to talk to you but the Purav does not listen to him and starts going from there.

But Aaliya holds her hand and says that why do you always talk to me so that I get angry. Purav says why do you always ask me questions that make me angry. Aaliya says that you have known me for years. But this does not mean that if I love you, then you use me as a door mate.

So Purav angrily says that you use all people as doormats and not me. Aaliya then tells the east that you talk to me like this in front of people. So that when we are different people feel that we were not compatible. Purav angrily tells Aaliya that yes I want this and then he goes to the party. Abhishek is talking to the people in the party, then Purav comes there, Abhi asks him what happened, are you fine. But Purav goes from there and Abhishek also goes after him.

kumkum bhagya 22 November 2019 written update

Prachi and Sahana are talking to each other in the bedroom, then Sahana tells Prachi why Ranbir has gone to the principal’s house. Prachi says that even Ranbir himself will not have the answer to this, he does what his mind says. Prachi then starts Ranbir’s complaint in front of Sahana and if I say anything to him, he asks the question in the opposite. As Prachi start talking about Ranvir Sahana start putting cotton in her ear, Prachi asks her what are you doing?

So Sahana says that I cannot hear anything about Ranveer and whenever I talk to Ranveer. So you start telling essays like this, then Prachi says that I will not speak right now. But I think he is doing something wrong and we should stop him, so Sahana says that okay we should stop him. When Ranveer and Aryan are seen working as the principal’s wife, they start waiting outside. As soon as the principal’s wife lights go off, Ranbir and Aryan enter the house.

kumkum bhagya 23 November 2019 written update

Prachi starts making the video call and Sahana asks why you are making a video call. So Prachi says that if I do not make a video call, he will lie to me, because he is a liar, number one. Ranveer picks Prachi’s call but soon disconnect it, Prachi tells Sahana that it is definitely in the principal’s house. But it is not known what is he doing there, Sahana says how do you know that this is the principal’s house.

Prachi says that you do not know how dark it was there, and there is no such room in Ranveer’s house like this. Sahana then tells Prachi that these people have gone to the principal’s house to prepare for the exam. So Prachi understands what these people are doing there. And she tells Sahana that I am going there to save those people from trouble.

kumkum bhagya 25 November 2019 written update

So Sahana also goes after her and says, I am also coming. The principal’s wife returns but Ranbir and Aryan hide and avoiding the principal’s wife with great difficulty. After he leaves, Ranveer tells Aryan that I will block this Prachi. Who calls someone this night, this girl irritate me again and again.

As Prachi and Sahana are sitting in a taxi, Sarita sees that she is going to go and she runs to Rishi. And she tells Rishi that Prachi and Sahana have run away from home. Rishi tells Sarita that if you board a moving bus, you will not know where the bus is going and where it is coming from. Then Rishi wakes up in Prachi and Sahana’s room with Sarita and says that see this is the clothes of those people. Then he convinces Sarita that Prachi will never do such a thing that will hurt you and Pragya.

While Ranveer and Aryan find question paper, Ranbir’s throat starts to dry with worry, so he drinks the wine lying there in the glass. Then he says that there was a lot of sour water, so Aryan says that there was no poison. Ranveer pretends to die to scare Aryan, but then wakes up and starts laughing. They both start searching for question paper again.

kumkum bhagya 26 November 2019 written update

Abhishek stops the Purav and says what happened, why is your mood bad? So Purab tells Abhishek that your sister has spoiled my life, she scolds me on everything. She fights with me on everything, I accept that I love Disha. But it just means that I hate her. Sometimes I feel that I break this relationship and Aaliya is listening there talk.

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