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kumkum bhagya 28 January 2020 written update: Alia’s new plan

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Today's kumkum bhagya 28 January 2020 written update Alia's new plan to separate Abhi and Pragya so they never meet watch updates on

In kumkum bhagya written update Alia stops the car and tells Sanju that you get off the car and run away from here. So Sanju does the same, then Abhishek comes there but Sanju has run away by then. Then Abhi gets out of the car, Alia plays a drama like Sanju tried to kidnap him. 

After that Aaliya tells Abhishek that you should not worry so much about Prachi. You think about your family, Abhishek says that for me both Prachi and Riya are like daughters. After that, he takes Riya back home. So Meera tells Riya that you are not hurt. Abhishek says that no I checked it did not hurt anywhere. By then Vikram and his family reach home and say that today was a lot of fun.

After that, the Kohli family praises Prachi’s mother and her family a lot. And says to Abhishek that if you were there too, it would be a lot of fun. Then after that everyone goes to their own room. When Sarita and her family reach home, Kohli praises the family a lot.

kumkum bhagya 29 January 2020 written update

But Pragya is thinking about Abhishek, then Prachi asks Pragya what happened? Pragya avoids the matter. After this Sarita takes Pragya to the side and asks what happened? Didn’t your husband come to meet you?

Pragya then tells Sarita that I know that she might have got some work, so this all happened. So Sarita asks her why are you sad if you are so smart? So Pragya says that I understand but the heart does not understand, it understands the emotion.

On the other hand, Abhishek thinks in his mind that I call Pragya, which will also cool his anger. But he messages the Purav that send me Pragya’s number because Abhishek does not have Pragya’s number.

But there Aaliya sees the phone from the Purav and Abhishek’s message also appears in it. So Purav is bathing at that time, so Aaliyah does a trick. She sends the wrong number to Abhishek’s phone and saves Pragya’s number with another name on Abhishek’s phone and then blocks it.

kumkum bhagya 1 February 2020 written update

So that Abhishek and Pragya can never talk, when she is doing this work on Abhishek’s phone, then Abhishek is not in his room. But his phone is lying on the bed and by the time Abhishek comes out, Aaliya is gone. Abhishek tries to call Pragya but his number switches off. After that, both of them keep looking at the moon and remember each other.

Pragya takes Abhi’s number from Purav but does not get her phone. So Pragya sends a message to Abhi. But by then Abhishek is asleep and Alia comes to Abhishek’s room and blows that message of Pragya from Abhi’s phone and goes back from that room.

Riya tells the whole plan to Maya and calls the truckman there, which will help in the drama of Maya’s suicide. After that Riya goes to the office. So that she can bring Prachi out and she can see all this with her eyes.

kumkum bhagya 27 January 2020 written update

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