kumkum bhagya 29 January 2020 written update: Maya’s drama


In kumkum bhagya written update Prachi comes to find the finance file in the storeroom. But the light has gone there, so she is looking for the file with the phone light. 

Then Ranbir also comes there and then both of them start searching for the file. But Ranbir keeps looking at Prachi. Prachi is scared to think of wood as a lizard. 

So Ranbir then later shows Prachi that you were considering this wood as a lizard and you scared me too. But Prachi takes the file from there and goes without saying anything.

Riya is in the office, then Prachi and Ranveer come out of the store room. So Riya tells Prachi that look, I like your mother very much and you have also become Ranbir’s friend. 

Therefore, now we also become friends, and hearing this, Prachi also believes. So Riya tells Prachi that you go out with me and then Riya gives an excuse to take Prachi outside. In the fashion show happening in our college, I have to select Indian dresses. 

kumkum bhagya 27 January 2020 written update

And you only wear Indian dresses, so please make me adjust. But actually Riya is doing all this so that her plan becomes successful. And then Prachi should change her statement in the police station.

Ranbir goes there in Abhishek’s cabin because he invited Ranveer to his cabin. Then going there, Abhishek gives Ranbir a project. So Ranbir says that I am getting a little nervous after seeing such a big project. 

Then Abhishek jokes a little with Ranbir and advises him that you have fallen in love. Therefore, go and propose the girl first because your marriage will be 100%. Ranbir is overjoyed to hear Abhishek and happily, he comes out of the cabin to propose Prachi.

kumkum bhagya 28 January 2020 written update

Riya comes out of the office with Prachi and she messages to Maya that you can start your work. As I have come with Prachi, Maya gets involved in making Riya’s stated plan successful. As soon as Prachi comes out with Riya, she sees Maya there who is doing the drama of suicide. 

Then according to Riya’s plan, the trucker starts coming to hit Maya. So Prachi saves Maya, then she tells Maya, don’t you see such a big truck coming? So Maya asks Prachi why did you save me? You let me die. So Prachi slaps Maya, Riya is watching all this while standing away.

Ranbir is thinking about Prachi and is dancing alone in his cabin, just as Aryan comes into his cabin. So he asks Ranbir what happened? Ranbir tells Aryan that I am in love, I am completely mad at Prachi’s love. When Ranbir comes in a little tension, Aryan asks him what happened? Why are you feeling so stressed? 

kumkum bhagya 25 January 2020 written update

So Ranbir says that I am not in tension, I am just thinking that if she rejects me? Aryan says in response, that she will not reject you. you don’t worry, Ranbir is very happy to hear Aryan’s talk.

Prachi is scolding Maya, why are you doing suicide? So Maya tells Prachi that I am doing suicide because of you. You saw everything in the party but still you gave the wrong statement in the police station. And you saved Ranveer, so now I have no choice but to die. Then after that Maya starts crying, Prachi hugs her to silence her.


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