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kumkum bhagya 3 December 2019 written update: Police comes


In the kumkum bhagya written update the police come to Alia’s house and when Meera open the door. So he tells her that we have an arrest warrant against Alia Mehra. The police then tell the rest of the house members that we have to arrest Alia Mehra. Because she accidentally ran away from him after the accident of a girl and there is a case of hit and run against her.

In the Hospital, Pragya says that whatever I said, she said everything in a hurry. Because I could not understand anything at that time. Pragya explains to Purav that you did not do anything wrong when you said all this then you were in a hurry. Because there is no relationship between you and Disha, it only knows your mind, but the heart does not know. Pragya then embraces Purav, so Pragya explains to her that you don’t worry everything will be alright.

Riya tells Alia that you hide in the room, I will tell everyone that you are not here. Meera then comes to Aaliya’s room and tells Aaliya that the police have come down, and she is calling you down. When Aaliya and Riya come down again, the police tell Alia everything and talk about arresting them. 

kumkum bhagya 28 November 2019 written update

Police then tell the rest of the family that we have an eyewitness against Alia and her name is Prachi. Riya then tries to stop the policemen, but the police do not agree and take Aaliya to the police station. Then Riya also fights with the rest of the house and tells them that you all used to praise Prachi. Now look, he dragged our family in all this quarrel.

kumkum bhagya 29 November 2019 written update

Sarita Madhu and Rishi are talking among themselves, then only the bell rings at the door. So Sarita says that the police must have come to whom you called. But there are Prachi and Sahana. And after that Madhu tells Prachi and Sahana about how she got hurt. What else happened? Sahana then asks her who was she, Madhu says that I did not see her face. 

kumkum bhagya 30 November 2019 written update


Sarita then asks Prachi where is Pragya when she will come, Prachi says she will come. But whatever work you have, please tell me. Then Sahana goes to the room with Sarita. When Prachi goes to the room, Riya is calling on her phone. As Prachi tries to pick up the phone, Sahana takes the phone from her hand. And tells her that Riya must have called to fight and what she knows. 

kumkum bhagya 2 December 2019 written update

Riya again scolded the rest of the householders that you never take the side of my aunt. And always take the side of that outsider Prachi. Riya then tells Vikram not to call the lawyer. I will solve this matter myself and then go away from there. After she leaves, the rest of the house members tries to call Prachi but her phone does not work.

kumkum bhagya 4 December 2019 written update

Riya then reaches Prachi’s house and shouts loudly for Prachi. Sarita tells him that Prachi is not here. And whatever you want to talk to me, Riya says that I know Prachi is inside. And then Prachi comes out and they both start talking.

kumkum bhagya 5 December 2019 written update



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