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kumkum bhagya 30 January 2020 written update: Police come again

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kumkum bhagya 30 January 2020 written update Police come again to arrest Ranvir due to changing the statement of Prachi watch updates on

In kumkum bhagya written update Prachi apologizes to Maya and says that forgive me, I didn’t know that much about you. But now I will surely give you justice. 

Riya does a drama to stop Prachi, but Prachi tells Riya that I am going with Maya right now. 

And I will ensure justice to Maya after that Prachi sits with Maya in a taxi. The police leave for the station, Riya tries to stop Prachi in a lie but in reality, she is very happy.

Aryan and Ranveer are discussing how Ranbir will propose Prachi. As soon as Aryan and Ranveer are talking among themselves, Riya comes there and tells Ranveer that I have to talk to you. Ranbir says that I have to go somewhere so I will talk to you later.

But when Riya says that this is about Prachi, then Ranbir starts listening to Riya again. And both of them go to the cabin and start talking. So Riya tells Ranbir that Prachi has changed her side, she has become against you.

kumkum bhagya 29 January 2020 written update

But Ranbir does not listen to her and he scolds Riya and says that I trust Prachi too much. After listening to Ranbir, Riya tells him that if you don’t want to listen to me, it doesn’t matter. But you will regret it later and saying that Riya leaves from there.

By then, Aryan arrives in Ranveer’s cabin and says what was happening? Your people’s voice is coming out.

Prachi sits in the police station with Maya and she tells the police inspector that I have come here to change my statement.

Aryan and Ranbir are sitting in the cabin and talking. Then Ranveer tells Aryan the whole thing that Riya told me that if I break Prachi’s heart, she will accept my proposal.

Then both of them talk among themselves, then Aryan tells Ranbir that you leave this thing. We already know that Riya feels jealous with Prachi.

On coming home, Ranbir tries to call Prachi but does not get his phone. So till Aryan comes to his room and says that did you talk to Prachi? So Ranveer refuses.

kumkum bhagya 28 January 2020 written update

Then after that Ranveer tells Aryan that you have Sahana’s number, you call her. Then Aryan does the same and Sahana picks up the phone, then she is trying to talk to Prachi. But Prachi says that I don’t want to talk till then Sahana gets a call from Aryan. He then asks Sahana if Prachi will be spoken for 2 minutes. But Prachi says that I do not want to talk to them and tell them that I am asleep. And Sahana says the same and disconnects the phone.

As soon as the Kohli family starts having dinner, the police come there and arrest Ranveer and start taking him. So Vikram asks what happened? You know that day Prachi give her statement and she supported Ranveer.

So the police inspector says that today she came to the police station and give her statement again and supported Maya. Then as soon as the police inspector starts taking Ranveer, Abhishek then brings the bail paper. And get Ranbir out of the police.

kumkum bhagya 27 January 2020 written update

Then as soon as the police inspector leaves. But by then Ranbir becomes absolutely shock of hearing that Prachi has gone against him. And then he goes out of the house alone and comes out and crying.

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