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kumkum bhagya 31 January 2020 written update: Ranvir is in shock


In kumkum bhagya written update everyone says thanks to Riya and says that Ranveer did not go to jail today because of you. So Riya says that you don’t thank me Ranbir is our family too. Then after that Riya tells the rest of the house that all of you used to trust Prachi a lot. 

Now see what she did, then she also tells Abhishek a lot. Whenever I used to say something about Prachi, you silence me, now see what that good girl did. After that Ranvir’s grandmother again tells Riya that you will do us a favor, you have saved Ranvir from being arrested. 

Then Riya says that you don’t thank me again and again. As me and Ranveer have played together in childhood, we are very good friends. Don’t worry, as long as I am with Ranbir, nobody can do anything to him.

kumkum bhagya 31 January 2020 written update Ranvir

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Ranveer is crying thinking about Prachi, as long as he is crying, Aryan comes there. He then tells Ranveer that you go home, but when Ranbir does not move, there is some scuffle between them. 

After that Aryan apologizes to him. So Ranbir says that I am not angry with you, I am angry with that Prachi why did she do this? I believed him very much. So Aryan tells him that you are still thinking about her. You do not have any worries about the rest of the house. 

kumkum bhagya 28 January 2020 written update

Then he shouts a little loudly and then sits back in the car, calling him a selfish man. Hearing all this Ranbir also sits in the car and they both walk towards the house.

Riya comes to Aaliya and tells her everything. And she says that should I go and tell Ranbir that he should now move forward in life and forget Prachi. So Aaliyah explains to her and says that you don’t do anything like this. Just support him, don’t tell him anything about Prachi. 

He should feel like you were with him in his bad times. And Prachi was against him after that Ranbir will be yours. So Riya starts dancing after listening to Alia, till then Meera too comes there and then Meera also praises Riya.

Vikram and Pallavi are talking among themselves about why Prachi did this. Then Vikram tells Pallavi that she has cheated us till then Ranbir also comes there. And when he goes from there to college he hears all their things. Then after hearing his talk, Ranbir leaves for college.

kumkum bhagya 29 January 2020 written update

In college, Riya’s friend in front of Riya, saying wrong for Ranveer. So Riya scolds them a lot and tells her not to say anything like this. When Prachi and Sahana reach college, Ranbir grabs Prachi’s hand and takes her to a room. And asks her that you know why I am angry with you? 

So Prachi tells her that because I changed my statement and the police were going to arrest you. Ranbir tells her that you could not understand me, I am angry with you because you were not picking up my phone.



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