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Ananya Pandey shares her latest photo on social media

In this we share the latest photo of Ananya pandey and why she called 6 december legendary day To know all this watch on

17+ Kriti Sanon hot and sexy images and these photos are completely exclusive

In this you find the latest stunning and beautiful photos of kriti sanon and also if you find other latest updates of Bollywood you can try filmybubble.

Bhumi Pednekar latest beautiful exciting and glamorous photos

In this we bring the latest photos of Bhumi Pednekar and in these photos bhumi look glamorous Comment below and told us that what photo do u like most

Bhumika Gurung beautiful stunning photos that you never see

Bhumika Gurung beautiful stunning photos that you never see we have brought these photos for you watch other updates on

17+ Yami Gautam hot and sexy images and these photos are breathtaking

Today we have brought for you Yami Gautam hot and sexy images and these 17+ photos of Yami Gautam are completely breathtaking.

kumkum bhagya 4 December 2019 written update: Ria in Praachi’s house

In kumkum bhagya written update Riya then reaches Prachi’s house and shouts loudly for Prachi. Sarita tells him that Prachi is not here. And whatever you want to talk to me, Riya says that I know Prachi is inside. And then Prachi comes out and they both start talking. Prachi then takes Riya out of the house by holding her hand and the two start talking there. Riya tells Prachi why did you write a report against my aunt. 

Prachi says that mean your aunt had done an accident and hit my aunt. Riya tells Prachi that if she was your real aunt, Prachi says that my mother considers her a sister. So she is our aunt, so Riya says that my real aunt is in jail. So if you go to the police station and take back that report, Prachi says that I will not do it. And if you come home again and do such a drama, I will slap you. So Riya says that if Riya slaps me, be ready to eat two slaps. Riya then threatens Prachi and says that if something happens to my aunt. So you to be ready to bear the consequences of this thing.

kumkum bhagya zee Praachi and Riya

Sanju then comes there with his friend and they both talk among themselves. Then Sanju tells his friend that I told my father that I want to be something in my life. So they sent me here and now we will not live like beggars. Now we will live like rich men. Then he tells his friend that he took me to the most expensive restaurant here and we will walk and eat there. That waiter is listening to those people. Who was included in that plan in which something mixed in Prachi’s drink?

When Sanju and his friend sit down to eat in the restaurant, the waiter also comes there but does not come to them. As soon as Sanju goes to the bathroom, the waiter cleverly got Sanju’s number from Sanju’s friend. And goes from there before Sanju arrives.

kumkum bhagya 2 December 2019 written update

Abhishek asks East why you have not told me that the direction has been an accident. So the former says that I did not want to give you tension, so I did not tell you. As soon as Abhishek asks for anything further, his phone battery runs out and his phone turns off.

kumkum bhagya 3 December 2019 written update

Priya reaches the police station and shouts at the inspector. So the inspector tells the constable to take this girl from here, otherwise, I will make a case on this too. Aaliya makes Riya silent that at least you shut up for me. In the restaurant, the waiter calls Sanju and says that you remember me or not. 

kumkum bhagya 5 December 2019 written update

And then sends him his and Sanju’s selfie. That waiter starts blackmailing Sanju, so Sanju says that I will talk to you tomorrow about money. And then tell everything to his friend. Sanju then tells his friend that I will give money to that waiter but will not let him reach to Prachi.

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