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kumkum bhagya 5 February 2020 written update: Prachi make a plan


In kumkum bhagya written update Maya and the girl are fighting amongst themselves when Prachi sees them and she asks them what is happening. So Maya says that you come from here and she comes from there with Prachi. 

But Prachi keeps on thinking who was that girl? So she brings Maya to the canteen to talk to her. So that she can keep Maya busy with Sahana and she himself asks the girl and what is the connection between Maya and her? While Aryan and Suhana are talking among themselves, Sahana tells Aryan that you do not tell anyone what I have told you.

Prachi then fights with Ranvir and Aryan in the canteen so that Maya feels that I am with her. And then she goes to find that girl and make Sahana sit with Maya. Prachi then finds the girl and tells her that I have to talk to you. And then tells him the whole thing what has happened?

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Then after that Prachi comes to the canteen and takes Maya from there. She tells her that the girl who was fighting with you, her name is Saloni, she told me that you are lying. On that Lohri night, Saloni’s molestation took place and Ranbir did the molestation. 

But you and Saloni do not talk to each other, there is enmity between you. So you took advantage of that and took your name there, that Ranbir made your molestation. 

She is telling me this, Prachi tells Maya that I will give a statement on your behalf. But you do something about that Saloni because if she does not turn away from this picture then my statement will have no meaning.

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Maya then calls Riya and tells her to meet her at her house and Riya starts to leave. So Ranveer says that I will drop you home. After that Ranbir gets Prachi’s call and she brings him to meet outside that I have to tell you something important. 

So Ranveer then gives an excuse to Riya and leaves. Riya anyway wanted Ranbir not to drop her in his car and she would go alone so that she could meet Maya.

Prachi then tells Ranveer his whole plan that I have spoken to Saloni, she will support us now because she wants to take revenge on Maya. Ranbir does not listen to Prachi at first but later accepts.

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