kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Twist after Priyanka come to Sarita House


As you saw Priyanka goes to her house to meet Rishi but there she finds Pragya. And she tells him to get her married to Rishi. And for this she gives necklace but we know Pragya from beginning and she will not be tempted by Priyanka.
But as Rishi told about Priyanka in the episode that she is a very stubborn type of girl. And she will try to do something similar, So that she would get married to Rishi. We saw that when Abhi asked her about Rishi she says that Rishi has feelings for her which was a lie. Because he told her in the restaurant that he did not like him, but she Just lied to Abhi.

So Priyanka can go to any extent to marry Rishi. We can see this in the following episodes. And together the Purav feels that Disha is in love with Hrithik but Hrithik told her in the car that he considers Disha as a good friend. Then maybe in the next episode, try to find out if Disha is telling the truth whether she loves Hrithik or not.


As we know that Ranbir had helped Prachi for the selection of clothes in the fashion show for which Prachi had also told him thank you. Then we can get to see a love story in the next episode between Ranbir and Prachi But now that Riya also loves Ranbir, then Prachi and Riya’s fight may increase.


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