kumkum bhagya written episode 2 October 2019: Priyanka trap for Rishi


Why is Pragya so nervous

Initially Pragya is waiting for Rishi’s call, when Rishi’s call comes and tells him that he has called Sahana to the office. So she takes the key, then Pragya tells him on the phone that if he interns in the same company is it is possible to work in another office. Rishi says if Priyanka came back and Pragya asks him to talk later in Mehrauli house.Then Sarita goes there and tells her why she was late. 

Then in the same things, Sarita tells her that she has told Priyanka that Sahana and Rishi have been stopped. Pragya tells her that the girl is out of his mind and she needs treatment so You shouldn’t have said it all. Sahana now arrives at the office and meets Rishi there so that she can take the key from Rishi. Seeing Sahana and Rishi together, Priyanka gets very angry. And she takes the knife in her hand and tries to make Sahana hurt. But someone comes in the middle due to which she settles due to which he is saved.

Why is Rohit waiting for Prachi?

Rohit is waiting for Prachi with his friend there at the college gate. When he sees Prachi there and he lures the taximan to the money. So that he can leave Prachi at her house and come back and tell her her address.n the next scene as soon as Prachi is about to sit in the taxi. Aryan and Ranveer bring the car and tell Prachi to come with us. But Prachi says that if Aryan drive the car then she will go otherwise she will not go. Because she will not take the risk of her life. Hearing this, we also get a little angry and then all three go back to the car.

Who saw Pragya in Mehrauli?

After this, Pragya and Sarita arrive at their Mehrauli house where they meet a woman named Madhu. Madhu is sent by the Gujarati family to help Pragya and Sarita. After seeing Pragya Madhu asks if she is a heroine. She also refuses. But she does not agree and when she asks Sarita, Sarita falsely says that Pragya is a heroine. And Mr. Mehra is a hero and she is the mother of the heroine and soon the film will be completed.

How Priyanka trapped the Rishi.

 Now in the next scene, Rishi and his friend are sitting in the office and working. Then his friend says that his work is finished and he is leaving and Rishi says that he will work. After that a peon comes And says that Mr. Mehra has called you to the cabin. And after going inside she realizes that there is Priyanka and when he asks Priyanka, she says that she is also waiting for Mr. Mehra. After that Priyanka holding Rishi’s hand and saying how we first met and then you love me so much. Then suddenly what happened that you left me and told her not to leave him. But Rishi says that he doesn’t want to spend time in all this and try to go from there. It is then that Priyanka falls and raises her up


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