kumkum bhagya written episode 3 October 2019: why police come in Sarita’s house


Why did Priyanka call Rishi in the cabin?

The show begins when Priyanka and Rishi are in a cabin and Priyanka tries to kiss her. He even refuses her but she does not agree and her shirt button is broken in the dragging. And then he comes out of the cabin. As soon as he starts going from there, he sees Abhishek Prem Mehra there. Abhi makes a sound from him but he does not listen. Priyanka is also making her voice behind him. As Rishi going from the company still Abhi going behind. But then Abhi listen to the voice of Priyanka and stops.

What happened to Rishi?

Pragya and Madhu are in the dining room where Pragya tells Madhu to work. But Madhu keeps looking at Pragya and later tells her how beautiful you are. Then later Pragya tells her that you are also very beautiful, you are a little less than a heroine. After that, there comes a Rishi and he tells Pragya can I use your room today. Pragya says yes and then Rishi goes from there.Pragya then tells Madhu that there is a medical store near here. She has to bring some medicines for Rishi because he is injured.

Next, Sarita Prachi and Sahana are at home and Sarita is looking for her blue colored saree. She thinks that if she will wear blue colored saree, she pass a good day. Then Prachi tells some other people’s superstitious like Vikram Kohli’s mother thinks that if Vikram opens the door, he will be slapped.

Vikram opens the door even after his mother stops and when he has to read, then his grandmother says that Guddi might have come and then Guddi comes there. Pallavi tells Guddi that I am Vikram’s wife, Guddi says that when Vikram’s eyes were staring at me. She then goes to Vikram’s mother and asks him to put on a little makeup and then she goes to Mithali put a slap on her as well tells her to apply a little makeup.

Why the police come?

Rishi sits in his room wondering what Priyanka has done to him and then later he comes out to eat. How are you sitting to eat? There is a bell ring at the door and as soon as Madhu opens the door. The police is there and the police are taking the Rishi and then the Rishi asks who did his complaint. Then the police sub-inspector speaks, your complaint is done by Abhishek Prem Mehra.


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