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kumkum bhagya 4 November 2019 written episode update(Pragya Abhi’s Romance)

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In kumkum bhagya written episode update of November Pragya Abhishek doing romance and also Ranvir and Prachi has very serious fight

(Vikram find an idea):-

In kumkum bhagya written update, Sanju tells Bittu that I did not want to follow that plan, but now I think I will have to follow that plan.

Sanju then calls Riya and says that I am ready to complete your plan.
On the other hand, Vikram keeps looking at Mithali and Mithali feels a bit uncomfortable. Then she comes to Vikram and says that Vikram Ji, if you want to ask me anything, you can ask.

 Vikram says that if I ask you that thing, you will feel bad. So Mithali says that I do not feel bad about anything, on the contrary people feel bad about me.

Vikram says that if you really feel bad then I will give you what you want, then Mithali says that if you ask first, it is right.

Then Vikram says that many years ago both our families had decided that we would stay together, so we took them face to face.

But I saw many times that there was a lot of fight between you and your mother-in-law. So you can tell me why all this happens.

Hearing this, Mithali asks Vikram why you have to know all this. So Vikram says that if you tell me, I will be alert so that there is no fight between my wife and mother.

Mithali says that there will be no fight between them because you have handled them very well.

Mithali tells things that you do not tell them the goodness of both of them, only then there is no fight between them.

This gives Vikram an idea of how he will now get into a fight between his mother and his wife. So he is very happy and tells Mithali that I will definitely give you that nine lakh necklace.

(Ranvir and Prachi fight):-

Ranvir takes Prachi to a different room where Prachi says that you leave my hand. So Ranveer leaves her hand and starts telling her that the boy you mean talking to Sanju is not a good boy.

I didn’t like the way he was flirting with you. So Prachi tells Ranveer that you keep flirting with every girl standing here, then what is your problem with him?

Ranveer says that I am trying to help you and you are not understanding me. In response to this Prachi says that I did not ask for any help from you.

You first see your own character, then Ranbir gets angry. And he angrily tells Prachi that every time you keep talking about my character, I ever said something about your character.

Then Ranveer says that I think you are flirting with him, not he is. Hearing this, Prachi says that yes I was flirting with him.

Then Ranveer tells her angrily that I thought you are a different girl. But no, you are the same just like other girls, so you go from here and then Prachi goes from there.

(Vikram's masterstroke):-

Pallavi comes to Vikram and says that you were talking much with Mithali Bhabhi. Then Vikram speaks to Pallavi in a way so that she fight with his mother.

He says that only my mother will love me. So Pallavi says that is I am not loving you. Vikram says that you love her a little like the rest of the wives.

But my mother is the one who has given me such values. Then he keeps talking about the goodness of his mother in front of his wife, which makes his wife angry.

Vikram tells Pallavi that I have not seen my mother for a long time, so I am going there. So in response, Pallavi says that you should worship your mother and then she goes away from there.

Vikram again says in his mind that now the fire is going away.

(Pragya and Abhishek Romance):-

Pragya and Abhishek go to the fuse box to fix the fuse. Then Abhishek’s leg falls on Pragya’s sari causing Pragya to lean backward and Abhishek catches her.

Pragya kisses Abhishek and then Abhishek starts looking at the fuse box. Abhishek says that if you want to fix this fuse box, first give me something.

Pragya then kisses him. Later, Abhishek hands over the wire and jokes that Pragya catches him when he gets electrocuted.

Pragya then asks him why did you do this? So he says that I was checking whether you will catch me if I feel current.

(Masti at Pragya's house):-

Riya comes to Ranveer and explains to him that you were the only one with Prachi.

Because you were thinking that if you do not break her heart by trapping her in the trap of your love, how will you marry me?
Riya then receives the message of a girl Dimpy and Riya leaves from there, then Ranbir thinks the same.

As soon as Pragya and Abhishek begin to fix the fuse, Abhishek is heard a voice, then he tells Pragya how this sound is.

Pragya says that I do not hear any sound, then you will say later that this is the voice of my heart. Abhishek says that I have heard that on the day of Diwali, all these ghosts become active.

 So Pragya tells Abhishek that someone is standing behind you, and as soon as Madhu hands over Abhishek, he leaps.

And it keeps bouncing, then the light comes on by then. Abhishek says that someone does this, then he goes towards the house.

Riya then calls her friend and she calls Riya out. Sanju’s friend asks her what she is doing, so Sanju says why you ask me, I do not know.

Bittu tells Sanju that now either there will be a rapture in your life or I go away from there. He says in my mind that its mind is spoiled and is in a mood to tell someone.

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