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kumkum bhagya written episode update 30 October 2019(Abhi welcome Sarita’s and family)

(Riya wait for Amrita):-

kumkum bhagya written episode update Priyanka asks Riya have you called Sanju? 

Ria tells her that you are my very best friend because whenever I have to talk to someone about my revenge. I have nobody. 

But since you have come, I have found a good friend who is worried that Sanju has come or not. Priyanka thinks that I am helping you. 

Because we both targeting the same home, you have to take the revenge from Prachi. And I’ll teach a lesson to her mother and also to Sahana, after that Ria call Sanju.
So Sanju tells Riya that I am getting facials for Prachi, after cutting the phone. Priyanka tells Riya that you have found a good boy, he will do everything by itself.

Riya tells her friends that I am waiting for my friend Amrita Sarin, she wants to leave the party very soon. 

But if she wants to do that she should have come to the party on time. She comes, then Riya talks to her, then Amrita says that I am late because of my friend Tarini. 

Later Tarini comes in, Alia comes to her and says that the dream you are dreaming will not come true. 

So Tarini says what is the dream that I saw and will not be fulfilled, Alia says that there is no X-factor in you. 

Tarini says that I don’t have talent but I have a desire to become rich. She then says that I am a gold digger. When Alia leaves from there, Alia says that the typical middle-class girl who become a gold digger.

(Ranbir talk with Riya):-

When Ranveer reaches the party, he thinks that it is a good thing at the party. That you can finish your talk at the party that you have left. 

Ria looks at Ranveer and starts talking to him, then Ranbir says that you are talking to me. Riya says that both of our houses are face to face, then I can talk to you and anyway there is Diwali. 

Then they both wish Diwali among themselves. Riya tells Ranveer that you look very beautiful today, then Ranbir says thank you and Riya goes away from there.
Priyanka stops Riya and says that you were flirting with your own boyfriend. 

So Riya says what are you saying then Priyanka says you need to flirt with your own boyfriend.

Then she asks Riya if Ranbir really loves you, Riya says that today I don’t want If someone spoil my mood. Priyanka says what can I do then when you don’t have to listen to anything.

Abhi welcome Sarita's family

Sarita Prachi and Sahana come to the party, then Abhishek comes to them and wishes them a Diwali. Sarita also wishes them a Diwali, Abhi asks how are you wishing Diwali like Angrej. 

Abhishek and Sarita hug each other. He says that I will not meet your mother until my image is clear, then Vikram too come there. 

He says that What did you do with her mother. Abhishek then calls Purav and tells him that you take him with you. 

Abhishek starts walking with them, I didn’t meet your mother until my image will be clear in front of your mother. Abhishek asks them is your mother has not told anything, then he says that it is good he doesn’t tell. 

Anyway, women-only told everything by putting masala mirch on it. Hearing this Sarita comes in a slightly angry form, Abhishek says that not all women but some women doing this. 

Then Abhishek says that I do not know your mom comes in all the women or something else. But you Prachi now you have to take my side because Riya takes your mother’s side. 

Abhishek tells that I had scolded Riya so she has gone to your mother for talking. Sarita says that you too are doing the same thing, you are telling everything to Prachi.

 Prachi says that There is no problem in that, what you did is all the parents do. Abhishek says what a nice girl, give it to me, then Sarita says that you give your daughter to her mother and she gives it to you.

(Abhi ask for a favour):-

Sahana says if you take it then I will also walk like a Diwali offer on a pack free one. Abhishek says that now talks Seriously. 

He tells Prachi that you are in front of my mother Clear the image and tell them that I am a good man. 

And I love Ria very much, only then I will meet your mother, then Sarita says that you cannot meet her. Because she is late. 

Then Abhishek says that I too have to go somewhere when I come from there, I will come and meet her. Priyanka is very angry seeing Sahana and she remembers all the old things about how she had a fight with Sahana.

(Vikram ask for advice):-

As soon as Abhishek starts going out, Vikram stops him there and tells him that I need your advice. Then Purav also comes there too. 

Abhi says he always asks me to give me something. Sometimes he ask give me time for a meeting, sometimes ask for money and now ask me for advice. 

Abhi says ok tell me what advice do you need? Vikram told that I want to make a fight between two ladies. 

Abhishek says what are the two women like, then Vikram says that one is my wife and the other is my mother. 

People around the world don’t even think that their wife and mother fight. This is Who starts a fight between them. 

Abhishek says that you go to your mother and say that I do not give such dirty advice, then Abhishek goes away from there, Vikram says that you are not with me don’t worry. 

I will still create a fight between the two women. They all go from there.

(Ranvir talk with Vikram):-

As Vikram going from there Ranvir comes behind him and stops him. He says who is it, Ranbir said that these are your crimes committed by you. 

Vikram says that if you do not stop harassing me, I will slap you. Why do you keep showing me this hand, again and again, you know the law has been longer hand.

Ranbir says I have to do one call and you are inside the jail. Vikram told that tomorrow I have called my lawyer and I will evict you from my property. 

Ranbir says it is too old now you will fire me from your company. Vikram says that there is no one born who can take advantage of my emotion. But it is your mother who has taken advantage of my love.

Vikram and Ranveer later hug each other.

(Meera look at Abhi):-

When Meera comes down the stairs and she keeps looking down at Abhishek, then Abhishek feels a little uncomfortable. 

But then he indicates to her that the waiter is coming from the front. But she does not see and they collide with each other. 

Later he comes to her and tells her that I am going out now, Meera says you are leaving the party. Abhi says that I have to go to meet Pragya, I have made a surprise plan for her. 

Meera explain to him that you stop for a while, after that you leave, then he agrees. Meera thinks in her mind how I can tell you that what I think about you?

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