kumkum bhagya Written Episode Update 1 October 2019


How Pragya would have explained to Priyanka.

The scene begins when Pragya is explaining to Priyanka that it is not your age to do all this, you just focus on your studies and advises them to go home, Priyanka gets angry and hands Vein tries to cut it so that Pragya gets her married to Rishi so Pragya promises her that she will talk to Rishi for her wedding.Hearing all this, Pragya took a knife from Priyanka and scolded her that she does not marry him. Because she loves him and she is marrying him because of his stubbornness. so he should call the person to whom The person slapped Rishi in the restaurant.

In his next scene, Vikram Kohli talks to Abhishek Prem Mehra in the office where Abhishek tells Vikram that Rishi does not like Priyanka. This is his operation. Hearing this, Vikram Kohli explains to Abhishek that this is his age. he is still a child and And he said that you too have given a lot of gusto at your age, after that he says that let’s talk in the office, after hearing all this, Abhi says that you have become old. And then they go to the office room and in the room Abhi still Tells about there past.

When Priyanka tries to call Abhi, he gets disconnected due to some misunderstanding, after which Priyanka and Pragya get a little disconcerted, Priyanka tells Pragya that she deliberately doesn’t want to let me get married to Rishi. Pragya gets very angry on hearing that her own daughters get married to Rishi and advises her to go home.

Why did Riya challenge Prachi?

In the next scene, Prachi and Sahana are in college and Riya arrives there, she challenges Prachi that she will wear Indian culture dresses and winning the crown of fashion show.And saying all that stuff Ria going from the college.

What did Sarita say to Priyanka?

And in the next scene from her, Priyanka comes out of Sarita’s house where she talks to Sarita and she tells Sarita that she should keep her grandson away from Pragya. Hearing this, Sarita tells her what you should say about it. Are you aware of all this?

 After that, Sarita says that Sahana and Rishi have been engaged and you are a bit late to say your thing.After hearing all this, Priyanka gets very angry and she angrily walks towards her house. On reaching home she tells her grandmother that she does not want to do this job and she wants to go away from this house. 

After hearing all this Ranbir’s grandmother calls Abhishek and tells him what happened. Abhishek says that he will talk to her and he calls Priyanka if this is what you are doing and it is because of Rishi and she nods yes.


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