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kumkum bhagya written update 10 February 2020 Praachi’s plan backfired

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In kumkum bhagya written update 10 February 2020 Praachi's plan backfired and everybody is angry with her watch updates on

In kumkum bhagya written update Prachi sees all the people in the house very angry. Pallavi tells Ranbir that you come inside, we did not call her here but still came here. So Ranbir says that I knew Prachi was going to come here. 

Because Prachi is only pretending to the world that she is against me. But actually she is with me, then Prachi tells the whole thing to the rest of the family. I don’t want anyone to hurt Ranbir, that’s why I was doing the drama that I am with Maya.

kumkum bhagya 10 February 2020 written update Praachi's plan backfired
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Prachi then tells the rest of the house that I have recorded Maya’s video. In which she has mistakenly confessed that she is doing all this for money. Ranbir then plays the video on TV but there is another video in his place because Riya has changed the video.

Pallavi and Alia scold Prachi too much and say that you tell me whether you are with Ranvir or against her. Because you do not know when you are telling the truth and when you are lying. Prachi then leaves the house unhappy again and Ranbir goes after her to convince her.

kumkum bhagya 8 February 2020 written update

Later Prachi then tells Ranveer that this is all my fault, then Ranveer tells her that all this is not your fault. All this is Maya’s fault. Ranbir then tells her that you come with me, I take you to your favorite place where your mood will be perfect. Then both of them leave in the car.

Riya tells Alia everything she has done and then Alia tells Riya that you don’t go to college for a few days. Then Abhishek comes to his room and says that I came to know everything about the accident. Alia and Riya get a little scared after listening to Abhishek.

kumkum bhagya 7 February 2020 written update

Prachi brings Ranvir to eat ice cream, then among other things, Ranveer asks Prachi if you have a boyfriend. So Prachi refuses and says neither do I have a boyfriend nor ever will. After Abhishek takes Riya’s hand and takes her away, Alia and Riya feel that Abhishek has come to know everything. But later Riya and Aaliya learn that Abhishek feels that only accident Maya has done it.

He then tells Riya that you come with me, I ask Maya why she did this. So Riya says that my leg is hurting, so I cannot go and Abhishek then goes alone from there. And Aaliyah takes Riya to the room. Ranbir and Prachi spend quality time there.

kumkum bhagya 6 February 2020 written update

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