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kumkum bhagya written update 12 February 2020

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In today's kumkum bhagya written update 12 February 2020 Sarita uses her mind to make Prachi realize that she is in love with Ranbir

In kumkum bhagya written update Sarita tells Ranveer that if you go away from here otherwise you will get a lot of problems. After Ranveer leaves, Sarita tells Prachi that if something happens between you people or you would love each other. If this was the case then it was true, but now there is nothing between you. 

Then what will the people of the neighborhood think about what Sarita does in her house? And it will be my own disrespect, but Sarita is doing this deliberately so that she can know about Prachi’s mind. But Prachi says that me and Ranveer are good friends, there is nothing more than this.

kumkum bhagya 12 February 2020 written update
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Riya tells Aaliya everything she told Abhishek and what Abhishek tells her. So Aaliya tells her that whatever you have done is right but you do not believe it until you get caught. And then she explains to Riya that you should never give up for your love and Riya understands it.

kumkum bhagya 8 February 2020 written update

Sarita enrages Prachi and locks her in the room. And tells her that you will either stop talking to Ranbir now or you will stop living in this house. Then she goes to another room with Sahana, then going there she tells Sahana everything. That I want Prachi to realize her love and then Sahana is also very happy to hear Sarita.

kumkum bhagya written update 11 February 2020

Vikram and Ranveer are talking at home. Then Vikram cleverly starts to know the name of the girl from Ranveer. But Ranbir also manipulates Vikram and cleverly sends him out of the room, showing fear of Pallavi. When Pragya reaches home, Sarita and Sahana tell the whole thing to Pragya, then Pragya goes and talks to Prachi. So Sarita scolds Prachi in front of Pragya and then leaves.

Pragya then explains to Prachi that she loves you, so she is doing all these things for you, she is worried about you. So Prachi also understands. Then after that Abhishek and Pragya are thinking about each other. Pragya and Abhishek try to call each other but both of them do not get the phone.

kumkum bhagya written update 10 February 2020

Prachi then calls Ranveer after that and then the two are talking among themselves. Then after that Ranbir asks Prachi if whatever Sarita aunty saw. If everything were true then what would you have said to them, Prachi says that I would have spoken some film lines to them. Then Ranveer tells Prachi that I have to disconnect the phone or else I will tell you everything truthfully and he keeps the phone again. Prachi then thinks in her mind that he is absolutely crazy.

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