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kumkum bhagya written update 13 February 2020: Ranveer propose Prachi

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In kumkum bhagya written update 13 February 2020 Ranbir going to proposes Prachi on valentine's day but will Prachi accept the Ranbir proposal

In kumkum bhagya written update Ranbir is thinking about Prachi. And on Valentine’s Day, as Riya goes to college, all the boys of the college stand in line and give flowers to Riya. But Riya does not take any flowers, then Riya goes to her friends. So her friend says that you should have taken flowers to keep someone’s mind.

Riya says that it will not happen, then Riya’s other friend says that she only accepts Ranbir’s flower. So Riya says show me a boy who is better than Ranveer. I will take all her flowers and then go away from there.

kumkum bhagya 13 February 2020 written update
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In the office, Abhishek and Vikram are talking to each other, then they come to know that today is Valentine’s Day. Then after this, Vikram tells Abhishek that today Pallavi was trying to tell me something since morning. But I could not understand anything, now I came to know what was the matter.

kumkum bhagya written update 12 February 2020

So Abhishek then tells Vikram that you should be ready today and today you will be scolded a lot. Then Abhishek tells Vikram that you will buy an expansive gift for Pallavi today.

kumkum bhagya written update 11 February 2020

So Vikram says that you used to make your wife like this too. Abhishek says that she does not want my gift, she just wanted my love and saying that Abhishek gets up from there.

Sahana in college tells Prachi that you go and propose Ranveer, then after that Sarita aunty will not tell you anything. But Prachi scolds Sahana and says that a boy and girl can also be friends.

Then Prachi tells Sahana about things that I like White Roses very much. And if someone gives me such flowers, I will make him say yes, while Ranbir is sitting back listening to all this. Then he goes to the store outside to get flowers for Prachi. Sahana and Aryan get to know all these things and they also start chasing Ranbir.

kumkum bhagya written update 10 February 2020

Then Ranbir goes to the library to propose Prachi, but on the way, he collides with Riya’s friends. After that Ranbir goes to Prachi but Prachi sees a couple there. So she tells Ranbir that both these boys and girls have come closer. First, they have to understand each other and then keep coming close.

At the same time, when Prachi says this thing to Ranveer, he stops proposing Prachi. And says that one should first understand each other and then every day will be Valentine’s Day.

kumkum bhagya 8 February 2020 written update

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